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  • Originally posted by Steamboat View Post
    Why does he need to diss on team Japan?
    It's a stream of conscience post, you just let it come onto the keyboard as it comes out of your head. No editing allowed.

    I recall being disappointed UW didn't throttle Japan more than they did, that cut deep into my bowels of my head. I thought it was funny at that game UW honored the US military forces. I didn't think the hyper sensitive UW Admin had it in them to stick it to the Japs like they did. Or perhaps the Libs running the U are clueless of American History.
    Wisconsin Hockey: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 WE WANT MORE!
    Come to the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
    Originally Posted by Wisko McBadgerton:
    "Baggot says Hughes and Rockwood are centering the top two lines...
    Timothy A --> Great hockey mind... Or Greatest hockey mind?!?"


    • Originally posted by ARM View Post
      Not me; I really wanted Mark Johnson to get that job.
      Then the Muzzinator probably winds up with the women sinners...Pick your poison.

      Originally posted by ARM View Post
      Or a job at Medard's or Fellet Farm would suffice instead.
      Feels like we are going to get some mileage out of that...

      At the outset, we could hang with the dude...