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    Originally posted by thirdtime's . . . View Post
    This extended off-season is getting really weird.
    I thought it was weird from day one, seeing as how it began with a cancellation of NCAAs.

    "... And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss;" -- Rudyard Kipling


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      “Hunger Games for the ruling class.”

      Here’s a little pre-election diversion, though it will hardly take your minds off the ills of our culture. Sorry. We all think we know about this stuff, but really have no idea. (Women’s hockey is in its own niche, of course, but doesn’t quite keep company with these guys.) The article starts with an unusual beat-down of the writer, but you’ll see why she’s worth holding on to. The photos are ingenious . . . and chilling.

      (free access for all as far as I can tell)
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        That was such a wild story! And the preamble about the writer. Train wreck from start to finish.


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          Can’t dress a roster that doesn’t exist.

          PRINCETON, N.J.Consistent with its commitment to safeguard the health and wellbeing of student-athletes, the greater campus community and general public, the Ivy League Council of Presidents has decided that league schools will not conduct intercollegiate athletics competition in winter sports during the 2020-21 season. In addition, the Ivy League will not conduct competition for fall sports during the upcoming spring semester. Lastly, intercollegiate athletics competition for spring sports is postponed through at least the end of February 2021.

          . . . . . .

          How do you dress a Rubik’s cube of future rosters?

          Winter and fall sport student-athletes will not lose a season of Ivy League or NCAA eligibility, whether or not they enroll. Students who wish to pursue competition during a fifth-year of undergraduate education at their home institution, if permitted, or as a graduate student elsewhere will need to work with their institutions in accordance with campus policy to determine their options beyond their current anticipated graduation date.