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    My 2 cents, but I think Curl is on the roster for her size and physicality. I put Curl, Roque, Knight, Zumwinkle and Abbey Murphy together in that respect. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if the idea is to find "the next Hilary" - meaning someone strong in front of the net who can camp out in front of the goalie, screen and not get pushed around. They all have strong shots and other skills, but I feel like they're on the roster for similar reasons. And thus far, it seems JJ is favoring Zumwinkle and Murphy in that role over Roque or Curl.

    Aerin Frankel has as elite a glove hand as I've ever seen in person on the women's side, but she's smaller than the goalies on the roster, was pretty reliant on her defense and I think might just need some more time. I'm not sure her/Northeastern's style matches up with what USAH/JJ is looking for.
    It's a great day for hockey!


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      Originally posted by Lindsay View Post
      only 3 games of the MyWhy Tour have been announced so far, crossing my fingers they either travel near where I live or at least go to some exciting new places where folks haven’t had the opportunity to watch them before. Columbus Ohio would be fun.
      Per the Victory Press:
      The United States was originally scheduled to head overseas to Belfast, Northern Ireland for a three-game series with Russia, but per Team USA, Russia backed out, leaving the Americans with a long gap before their next scheduled action.

      The upcoming schedule for Team Canada is as follows:
      • Friday, October 29 vs. Olds Grizzlys
      • Wednesday, November 3 vs. Camrose Kodiaks
      • Thursday, November 11 vs. Finland
      • Saturday, November 13 vs. Finland
      • Sunday, November 14 vs. Finland

      Team USA and Team Canada resume their My Why Tour schedule on November 21 in Kingston, Ontario and will play each other at least five more times before the Olympics in Beijing, including a televised tilt in primetime on NBCSN. That game will take place on December 20 at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.


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        I've been watching the 'My Why Tour' games and have been amazed at the quality of play. So fun to watch!

        I would say that Canada seems to have a slight talent edge overall, but with a good bounce or two the U.S. could have managed a win in at least one of their two games played thus far. Hopefully Coach Johnson will make the necessary adjustments to get the final roster fully prepped for the Olympics.

        Last (provincial) note: I've been really impressed with the play of both (current) Gopher forwards, Abbey Murphy and Grace Zumwinkle. Murphy is so smooth and aggressive on the puck all over the ice, while Zumwinkle's skating seems to be much improved. Best of luck to both (and the entire team) when the scores and games start to really count in February.
        Minnesota Golden Gopher Hockey


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          USA finally tops Canada, 3-2 in overtime.

          Hilary Knight's OT winner seals comeback as U.S. tops Canada in Rivalry Series

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            Knight and Kessel each with a power play goal to lead the U.S. to a 2-0 win over Canada in the Rivalry Series.
            Minnesota Golden Gopher Hockey


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              I'm glad to see more TV broadcasts of women's hockey but I'd honestly prefer to see more TV broadcasts of the college game than these two national team "rivals." I do hope the broadcasts of this rivalry series will translate into more viewers of all the women's hockey games in general during the Olympics and not just when USA or Canada play their games.


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                Agreed Shelfit the more hockey on tv the better! :-)

                Having the rivalry games on TSN in Canada is a
                widespread broadcast. Nhl network in US not
                so much but way better than where we were 5 years ago. I know one of the later ones will be on NBCSN or something. I took a pass on the rivalry series because it just gets a pricy after a while to add the channel. Been watching college and PHF. Love US Canada and the games are great but it is a tiny bit repetitive, haha.

                From headlines- looks like Fillier and Poulin are main goal scorers for Canada, Clark too, on America Knight is showing up again. Her net front presence is unreal, finding a way to adapt as she gets older. Prob benefiting from training with her teammates. Canada games attendance was fantastic, in Kingston and Ottawa. Apparently US recently cut Buchbinder and Flanagan and didn’t announce it, so they are down to 26. Need to get to 23. Like I said in a different thread, women’s hockey is very strange sometimes, how insular it is. Not to mention Flanagan is Olympic gold medalist, deserves the respect of a press release no?

                Soccer NWSL had their championship recently and it was on a network channel. Competing with college football and it still drew over 500,000 viewers a 216% increase over last championship. Number of things drove ratings increase, apparently one was being on network tv. The bottom line is the games need to be on tv, you are right about that!

                Happy Thanksgiving USCHO posters. Thankful for women’s hockey fans to chat with!


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                  Originally posted by D2D View Post
                  I've been watching the 'My Why Tour' games and have been amazed at the quality of play. So fun to watch!

                  Ok this just gives me FOMO and makes me want to tune in....