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    Originally posted by robertearle View Post

    Are you familiar with the internet "Wayback Machine"? A web site that archives old versions of other web sites.

    The roster page for OSU women's hockey 2019-2020 shows a coaching staff of Muzerall, Emily West, and Wisniewski. An earlier version of 2019-202 also shows McMillen.
    For 2018-2019, Muzerall, Andrew Cassells, and Milica McMillen. A prior version for 2018-2019 shows Peter Elander, but not Cassells.

    There may be other variations, I certainly didn't look at all the archived versions of the page.

    Unfortunately, the Wayback doesn't have anything earlier. It can be very hit-and-miss.

    Thanks Robertearl! I was not aware (old guy thing I guess). It was Elander I was wracking my brain over trying to remember and losing him was a very big loss to the program.
    They said he left due to health concerns but I was always skeptical. I mean you look at the rink, coaches offices and everything else that's rather substandard, draw your own conclusions.


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      I'm digging into the UW roster a bit as I excitedly ponder this season, and I just don't think UW should be ranked #1. I don't know the losses for OSU and UM or NE, but UW lost a tremendous amount of talent at F and G. They have a ton of talent coming in, but #1? I guess we'll find out really fast.
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      Originally Posted by Wisko McBadgerton:
      "Baggot says Hughes and Rockwood are centering the top two lines...
      Timothy A --> Great hockey mind... Or Greatest hockey mind?!?"