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Hockey East 2020-2021

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  • Hockey East 2020-2021

    Just announced on the Hockey East websites for Men and Women: The league plans to play this season, while emphasizing league games.

    Here is the announcement:

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    "while emphasizing league games"....I would take that to imply that HE teams do not plan on scheduling out of conference teams. Does anyone else read that differently?


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      There was more information on a Twitter site last night ( @jimmyconnelly). Cannot confirm his connections, but he seems to be be followed by a bunch of hockey guys and he tweeted last night that there would be a Hockey East announcement today, so this gives him some validity with the earlier league post:

      Here were some of the highlights of last night's tweets:

      1) Play probably does not begin until mid-late November;
      2) Multiple iterations of schedules, but possibly could be a full league season (30-men, 27-women) if all goes well;
      3) Intention to hold conference tournament as scheduled (8 teams, two weekends);
      4) Emphasis on league schedule in case adjustments need to be made along the way. Non-league games are possible if teams can find opponent/open dates;
      5) Everything is still fluid but there seems to be a commitment to play as much hockey as possible;
      6) Possibility of fans will be determined as they get closer to the games in conjunction with state/local restrictions;
      7) Priority on limiting hotel stays with the exception of Maine and Vermont games.