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Exhibition Scoreboard 9/22

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  • Exhibition Scoreboard 9/22

    Penn State 4 Ryerson 0
    Markham Thunder 3 Mercyhurst 1
    Shenzhen Vanke Rays 4 Uconn 2
    Quinnipiac 4 Guelph 1
    Union 3 Carleton 2
    Robert Morris 6 Ontario Tech 1
    Minnesota Whitecaps 4 Minnesota Duluth 3
    Minnesota State 2 British Columbia 0
    St Cloud State 9 HTI Stars 0
    Boston Pride 6 Northeaster 3*
    *Played 2 periods of hockey, traded power plays instead of a regular 3rd period
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    Re: Exhibition Scoreboard 9/22

    I'm impressed with that Duluth showing against the Whitecaps
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      Re: Exhibition Scoreboard 9/22

      Originally posted by TonyTheTiger20 View Post
      I'm impressed with that Duluth showing against the Whitecaps
      Kendall Coyne wasn't in the lineup for the Whitecaps but still a good test for Duluth.

      Highlights here on this reporters twitter...(second post down for now)
      At the outset, we could hang with the dude...


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        Re: Exhibition Scoreboard 9/22


        Let's Go 'Tute!

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