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RPI@Union 10/29/21

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  • And EHF continues his winning streak. :-)

    Let's Go 'Tute!

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    • In other action involving ECAC teams, Harvard leads Dartmouth, 6-1, late in the third.

      At one point, Colgate held a 5-goal lead over Western Michigan, but the Broncos came all the way back and outlasted the Raiders, 6-5.

      No score report on the scheduled game between Cornell and Alaska.

      Edit - I missed a few.

      Quinnipiac and AIC played to a 2-2 tie.

      Michigan Tech shut out Clarkson, 3-0.

      St. Lawrence and Lake Superior State are tied, 2-2, game still in progress.
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      • Originally posted by Ralph Baer View Post
        And EHF continues his winning streak. :-)
        Go, EHF, go!


        • Originally posted by DrDemento View Post

          Much of this will be on the shoulders of Linden Marshall. We will get as far as he is able to take us. He has the talent and now has to just keep his focus and consistency. If his GA average remains under 2, then he will be doing his job.
          GA under 2? Yeah, I'd settle for that. LOL


          • Good evening all,

            I am sorry if you couldn't hear WRPI. I guess the internet stream is down, and no word yet on when it may come back up, the server is down. Too bad to, my PbP was on point tonight, the best I've ever done, but sorry for tooting my own horn. LOL. Yes, the penalties off the faceoff are kinda ridiculous. IUnion had the best of the play in the second, but RPI won the first and third (obviously) Linden Marshall was fantastic down the stretch, he really stepped his game up. Maybe knowing that he's "The One" for the season allowed him to keep his focus.
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            • Originally posted by Ralph Baer View Post

              I wonder why they are not streaming.

              Sezenack, do you have a way to find out?
              I do not. Jericho might be the man for that

              Edit: Looks like he already commented :-)
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              • I wanted to start tomorrow's thread in 40 minutes for my first ever, but there's no way in hell I mess with EHF's streak. We do not need that bad voodoo :-P