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Rpi@slu 11/7/15

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      Originally posted by RPI fan 4 life View Post
      Absolutely. And congrats to Cam on picking up the win in his first RPI start.
      Definitely! Nice win on the road against a quality opponent. And with Kazzie on the bench, there's more than a little pressure on him to produce. Now.


      • Re: Rpi@slu 11/7/15

        Finally got back...

        First SLU goal was a missed D assignment. Sure, Buddy might like to have it back, but more could have been done to prevent it.

        Appert was on Steinel's case from before the first whistle, as he was part of Friday night's débâcle. FlagDUDETTE was worried he'd hop the dasher a couple times.

        As for "the BS penalty on SLU" in the third, it was contact to the head, and according to the rulebook, should be five and game. To be fair Öhrwall's hit earlier was similar (although not called as to the head) so I can understand why they called two, but it was certainly targeted.

        As RPI was stick-saluting the crowd, Hayton was doing his best Tuukka Rask impersonation in the dressing room; I thought he was going to throw something onto the ice next.