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    Re: In comes Fraser! In comes Fraser

    Originally posted by MikeAnderson View Post
    It only makes sense as they are an extreme outlier in the Summit League, though not as bad as Southern Utah.

    Now if we can get NJIT out of the Great West Conference...
    NJIT! Now there's a school that should have clearly stayed D2. What in the hell where they smoking when they thought it would be easy to move up to D1??
    bueller: Why is the sunset good? Why are boobs good? Why does Positrack work? Why does Ferris lose on the road and play dead at home?

    It just happens.

    nmupiccdiva: I'm sorry I missed you this weekend! I thought I saw you at the football game, but I didn't want to go up to a complete stranger and ask "are you Monster?" and have it not be you!

    leswp1: you need the Monster to fix you

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