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D3 FHL Week 5 Results - Week 6 LineUps - FREE Trade Open

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    Re: D3 FHL Week 5 Results - Week 6 LineUps - FREE Trade Open

    Should be up to date

    62 Jamison Raymond Lawrence MCHA altazo D
    85 Justin Favreau SNC NCHA altazo D
    86 Mike Bernardy SNC NCHA altazo D
    43 Casey Terreri Salem MASCAC altazo F
    57 Sam Kuzyk Adrian MCHA altazo F
    81 Andrew Kappers St.thomas MIAC altazo F
    108 Martin Drolet Midd NESCAC altazo F
    501 Brad Fogal Adrian MCHA altazo G
    521 Caylin Relkoff Mville ECACW altazo G

    72 Nick Guran Augs MIAC BILL R F
    96 Jon Madden UWSP NCHA BILL R F
    119 Jordan Oye Fred SUNY BILL R F
    137 Dylan Clarke PSU SUNY BILL R F
    526 Ryan Williams PSU SUNY BILL R G

    141 Ryan Holley St,A MCHA Cardsrule D
    65 Zach Fray Marian MCHA Cardsrule D
    68 William Thoren Lawrence MCHA Cardsrule D
    28 Kevin Willer Elmira ECACW Cardsrule F
    117 Alex Morton Fred SUNY Cardsrule F
    124 Chris Laganiere OSU SUNY Cardsrule F
    136 Daniel Cobb PSU SUNY Cardsrule F
    511 Darren McDonald Elmira ECACW Cardsrule G
    513 Geoff Sadjadi St.Thomas MIAC Cardsrule G

    11 Nick Dupuis Skidmore ECACE ECALL D
    13 Paul Conter Smain ECACE ECALL D
    18 Ryan Barlock Curry ECACNE ECALL D
    1 Terry Woods Babson ECACE ECALL F
    27 Darcy Vaillincort Elmira ECACW ECALL F
    67 Dakota Dubetz Marian MCHA ECALL F
    91 Josh Celleja UWRF NCHA ECALL F
    500 Adrian Rubeniuk Geneseo SUNY ECALL G

    74 Mason Swenson Bethel MIAC Hammer D
    76 Chris Berenguer Hamline MIAC Hammer D
    112 Gregg Amato Brockport SUNY Hammer D
    45 Joe Hill UM-Dart MASCAC Hammer F
    55 Josh Cousineau Adrian MCHA Hammer F
    56 Mike Dahlinger Adrian MCHA Hammer F
    78 Britton Smith St.Olaf MIAC Hammer F
    506 Zeke Testa Babson ECACE Hammer G
    512 Toomey MSOE MCHA Hammer G

    145 Mike Grace PSU SUNY jabber811 D
    23 Kyle Richardson Went ECACNE jabber811 D
    93 Jesse Junkenmeier UWS NCHA jabber811 D
    37 Tim Coffman Utica ECACW jabber811 F
    105 Billy Crinnion Colby NESCAC jabber811 F
    118 Brian Ross Fred SUNY jabber811 F
    127 Justin Fox OSU SUNY jabber811 F
    517 Nick Broadwater Hobart ECACW jabber811 G
    528 Sam Avoine Salem MASCAC jabber811 G

    82 Austin Brown CSS NCHA joecct D
    90 Brady Horn UWRF NCHA joecct D
    123 Steve Mallaro OSU SUNY joecct D
    6 Chris Paquet Nor ECACE joecct F
    14 Zach Joy Smain ECACE joecct F
    44 Nick Lampson Salem MASCAC joecct F
    104 Daniel Weiniger Bowdoin NESCAC joecct F
    527 James LaCour Salem MASCAC joecct G
    530 BJ Obrien SNC NCHA joecct G

    143 Wil Brown Nicols ECACE Loud D
    63 Nathan Brummitt Marian MCHA Loud D
    135 Ryan Corry PSU SUNY Loud D
    83 Jeremy Dawes CSS NCHA Loud F
    109 Mathieu Dubuc Midd NESCAC Loud F
    126 Jon Whitelaw OSU SUNY Loud F
    139 Nick Jensen PSu SUNY Loud F
    504 Nick Blanchette Assum Loud G
    515 Corry Gershon Geneseo SUNYAC Loud G

    12 Zach Menard Skidmore ECACE masenite D
    35 D'Lane Sather Neumann ECACW masenite D
    115 Chris de Bruym Fred SUNY masenite D
    21 Jason Pietrasiak JW ECACNE masenite F
    75 Ross Ring-Jarvi Gust MIAC masenite F
    97 Luke Nesper UWSP NCHA masenite F
    113 Nick Patriello Buff SUNY masenite F
    505 Justin Lochner Augs MIAC masenite G
    532 Jeff Rose Suffolk masenite G

    40 Richie Zobak Plymouth MASCAC Mcullen D
    73 Jon Crouse Bethel MIAC Mcullen D
    133 Matty MacLeod PSU SUNY Mcullen D
    38 Chris Costigan Fitchburg MASCAC Mcullen F
    39 Chris Riggs Fitchburg MASCAC Mcullen F
    59 Zach Graham Adrian MCHA Mcullen F
    66 Brendan Hull Marian MCHA Mcullen F
    507 Jake Rosenthal Becker ECACNE Mcullen G
    534 Scott Barchard Tufts NESCAC Mcullen G

    144 Billy Pescosolido Fitchburg ECACNE Mount D
    121 Jake Yard Geneseo SUNY Mount D
    122 Derek Matheson Morr SUNY Mount D
    25 Skylur Jameson Went ECACNE Mount F
    34 Scott Hudon Manhat ECACW Mount F
    52 Brad Houston Adrian MCHA Mount F
    129 Owen Kelly OSU SUNY Mount F
    518 Pierre-Olivier Lemieux Manhat ECACW Mount G
    529 Colin Bessey Skidmore ECACE Mount G

    50 Jeremy Klaver Adrian MCHA NL D
    51 Quinn Waller Adrian MCHA NL D
    107 Bryan Curran Midd NESCAC NL D
    29 Wes Consorti Elmira ECACW NL F
    89 Johan Ryd SNC NCHA NL F
    92 Justin Brossman UWRF NCHA NL F
    130 Paul Rodrigues OSU SUNY NL F
    516 Beau Christian Hamline MIAC NL G
    519 Alex Bjerk Marian MCHA NL G

    70 David Hines Augs MIAC NUProf D
    87 Nick Tabisz SNC NCHA NUProf D
    142 Jordan Lalor BOW NESCAC NUProf D
    5 Chad Anderson Nor ECACE NUProf F
    10 Pier-Oliver Cotnoir Nor ECACE NUProf F
    80 Isak Tranvik St.Olaf MIAC NUProf F
    100 Pat O'Kane Assum NE10 NUProf F
    508 Seth McNary Castelton ECACE NUProf G
    525 Josh Leis PSU SUNY NUProf G

    77 Charlie Raskob St.Olaf MIAC outlaw88 D
    102 Brendan Reich Bowdoin NESCAC outlaw88 D
    116 Steve Rizer Fred SUNY outlaw88 D
    4 Blake Forkey Nor ECACE outlaw88 F
    47 Pat Nelson Westfield MASCAC outlaw88 F
    71 Joel Sauer Augs MIAC outlaw88 F
    128 Luke Moodie OSU SUNY outlaw88 F
    535 Michael Jarboe Went ECACNE outlaw88 G
    536 Ryan Purdy Will NESCAC outlaw88 G

    26 Karl Linden Elmira ECACW prez D
    140 Matt Berger MCHA pres D
    101 Elliott Bostrom Amherst NESCAC prez D
    9 Kyle Thomas Nor ECACE prez F
    33 Mikey Lang Manhat ECACW prez F
    46 Dennis Zak Westfield MASCAC prez F
    53 Eric Miller Adrian MCHA prez F
    522 Alex Dubois NOR ECACE prez G
    523 Paul Beckwith OSU SUNY prez G

    42 Dan Smolinsky Salem MASCAC saints D
    95 Garret Suter UWSP NCHA saints D
    106 Joe Houk Hamilton NESCAC saints D
    17 Braden Parkhouse Becker ECACNE saints F
    88 Cody Keefer SNC NCHA saints F
    98 Nick Graves UWSP NCHA Saints F
    131 Fraiser Smith Pots SUNY saints F
    132 Todd Hosmer Pots SUNY saints F
    531 Ben Leis St.Olaf MIAC saints G
    537 Nick Graves UWSP NCHA Saints G

    3 Greg Eskedjian Nor ECACE secx D
    36 William Lacasse Neumann ECACW secx D
    99 Kevin Glanzeman Assum NE10 secx D
    84 Tyler Miller CSS NCHA secx F
    114 Taylor McGraw Buff SUNY secx F
    125 Ian Boots Osu SUNY secx F
    138 Eric Satim PSU SUNY secx F
    520 John Yancheck Midd NESCAC secx G
    524 Andy Grouix Pots SUNY secx G

    16 Matt Rigtrup St.M ECACE sticks D
    103 Kyle Shearer-Hardy Bowdoin NESCAC sticks D
    134 Mike Kavanaugh PSU SUNY sticks D
    8 Emmond Bell Nor ECACE sticks F
    15 Coleman Noonan St.A ECACE sticks F
    31 Matthew Wallace Hobart ECACW sticks F
    120 Mat Hehr Fred SUNY sticks F
    510 Brennan Poderzay CSS NCHA sticks G
    533 Wesley Vesprini Trin NESCAC sticks G

    24 Shaun Jameson Went ECACNE UCBad D
    30 Brad Richard Hobart ECACW UCBad D
    32 Dillon O'Hara Manhat ECACW UCBad D
    7 Colin Mulvey Nor ECACE UCBad F
    19 Payden Benning Curry ECACNE UCBad F
    20 Evan Ch;anda Utica ECACW UCBad F
    58 Shawn Skelly Adrian MCHA UCBad F
    509 Cody McKinney Colby NESCAC UCBad G
    514 Josh Swartout Gust MIAC UCBad G

    64 Tommy Fitzpatrick Marian MCHA XYZ D
    94 Danny Wurden UWSP NCHA XYZ D
    110 Trevor John Tufts NESCAC XYZ D
    22 Zach Kohn Nicols ECACNE XYZ F
    41 Brian Kriner Plymouth MASCAC XYZ F
    54 Jordan Watts Adrian MCHA XYZ F
    69 Nick Hewko Northland MCHA XYZ F
    502 Mike Morrissette Adrian MCHA XYZ G
    503 Cole Anderson Amherst NESCAC XYZ G
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    Remy Babineaux
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      Re: D3 FHL Week 5 Results - Week 6 LineUps - FREE Trade Open

      Since Glanzman is already taken I'd like to keep Matt Bergen on my team for now.
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        Re: D3 FHL Week 5 Results - Week 6 LineUps - FREE Trade Open

        Originally posted by PrezdeJohnson09 View Post
        Since Glanzman is already taken I'd like to keep Matt Bergen on my team for now.
        Remy Babineaux
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          Re: D3 FHL Week 5 Results - Week 6 LineUps - FREE Trade Open

          Badger's Baddies (You may take that anyway you wish.....)

          Week 6 lineup:

          F. Shawn Skelly, Adrian
          F. Colin Mulvey, Norwich
          F. Payden Benning, Curry
          D. Dillon O'Hara, Manhattanville
          D. Shaun Jameson, Wentworth
          G. Josh Swartout, Gustavus Adolphus


          F. Evan Chlanda, Utica
          D. Brad Richard, Hobart
          G. Cody McKinney, Colby
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            Re: D3 FHL Week 5 Results - Week 6 LineUps - FREE Trade Open

            im goin to go out on a limb here an take joecct advise an add Bobby Vorse G, Fitchburg.

            week 6 lineup
            F. Darcy Vallincourt elmira
            F. Josh Celleja wsrf
            F. Dakota Dubetz marian

            D. Ryan Barlock curry
            D. Paul Conter s maine

            G. Adrian Rubeniuk geneseo

            1. Terry Woods babson
            2. Nick Dupuis skidmore
            3. Bobby Vorse fitchburg
            GO EC GO


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              Re: D3 FHL Week 5 Results - Week 6 LineUps - FREE Trade Open

              F Brian Kriner, Plymouth St
              F Jordan Watts, Adrian
              F Zack Kohn, Nichols
              D Tommy Fitzpatrick, Marian
              D Trevor John, Tufts
              G Cole Anderson, Amherst
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                Re: Week 6 Schedule

                Originally posted by PSUChamps2001 View Post
                All Lineups must be turned in by Tuesday 6:59 PM
                Your trade is accepted but will not show until Week 7. Your lineups will remain the same as week 5.
                Remy Babineaux
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