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D3 FHL Week 5 Results - Week 6 LineUps - FREE Trade Open

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  • D3 FHL Week 5 Results - Week 6 LineUps - FREE Trade Open

    Below I’ve listed all the players who have yet to see ice time or minimal ice time so far in the season. We will have OPEN trades and pick ups FOR THESE PLAYERS ONLY. You will have until 6:59pm Tuesday November 23rd. The players who you replace will be eligible for week 5 games. IF you DO NOT replace them during this period, you WILL have to use one of your TWO trades to replace them at a later date. If someone knows anything about why these players have not seen ice time (injury, playing other sports, disc. Ect) any info is appreciated. If you choose to keep these players, once Tuesday comes, there is no replacing them for free.

    Omar Pacha, Castleton, D, LoudHorns 0 games
    Mike Rubino, Lake Forest, D, Mount, 2 games
    Zach Fray, Marian, D, CardsRuleTheBurgh, 1 game
    Ben Plocar, MOSE, CardsRuleTheBurgh, 1 game
    Justin Favreau, SNC, D, Altazo, 0 games
    Paul Stening, Williams, NUProf, D, 0 games
    Taylor McGraw, Buff St, secxpro, F, 3 games

    Mike Morrissette, Adrian, XYZ 0
    Erick Cinotti, Castleton, NUProf 0
    Matt Milne, Elmira, Hammer 0
    Kody Van Rentergem, CardsRuleTheBurgh, Fredonia, 1
    Calvin Bartel, Hamilton, LoudHorns, 0
    John Yancheck, Middlebury, secxpor, 0
    Andy Grouix, Potsdam, secxpro 0

    ECAllTheWay Needs a Goaltender
    Bill R Needs 3 Defensemen, 1 goaltender
    Jabber811 Needs 1 defensemen
    Remy Babineaux
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    Week 6 Schedule

    All Lineups must be turned in by Tuesday 6:59 PM

    Ecalltheway1289 vs Saints17
    sticksandstones vs LoudHorns31
    Cards_rule_the_Burgh vs masenite (nc)
    jabber811 vs Bill-R-
    NorthernLite vs MountiboyOz
    masenite vs Cards_rule_the_Burgh (nc)
    UCBadger vs Hammer
    joecct vs MCullen
    altazo vs outlaw88 (nc)
    secxpro vs NUProf
    PrezedeJohnson09 vs XYZ
    outlaw88 vs altazo (nc)
    Remy Babineaux
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      Week 5 Results

      Everything is up to date, just waiting on the 2 games today....

      STICKS 36

      SAINTS 33
      CARDSRULE 17

      LOUD 32
      MOUNT 32

      JABBER811 40
      NL 36

      BILL R 28
      MASENITE 43

      UCBAD 38
      JOECCT 53

      HAMMER 17
      ALTAZO 31

      MCULLEN 28
      XYZ 43

      SECXPRO 13
      PREZ 37

      NUPROF 29
      OUTLAW88 48

      SAINTS 170
      PREZ 159
      MASENITE 149
      JABBER811 142
      NL 141
      HAMMER 130
      OUTLAW88 130
      BILL R 128
      JOECCT 128
      MCULLEN 126
      MOUNTIE 122
      XYZ 118
      UCBAD 112
      SECXPRO 110
      CARDSRULE 106
      LOUDHORNS 103
      STICKS 89
      NUPROF 87
      ALTAZO 84
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      Remy Babineaux
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        Re: Week 5 Results

        Card's Crazies Week 6 Lineup

        F Kevin Willer
        F Alex Morton
        F Chris Laganiere
        D Ryan Holley
        D vacant = need more time to review available defensemen
        G Kevin Bolin
        Plattsburgh CARDINALS
        SUNYAC Champ x24: 78, 79, 82, 83, 85, 87, 88, 90, 92, 93, 97, 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 04, 08, 09, 11, 12, 15, 17, 23
        ECACW Champ x11: 81, 82, 87, 92, 06, 07, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
        NEWHL Champ x5: 18, 19, 20, 22, 23
        NCAA DIII Champ x10-ish: 87, 92, 01, 07, 08, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19
        NCAA DIII Runner-up x4-ish: 86, 90, 06, 08
        NCAA DII Runner-up x2: 81, 82

        Vermont CATAMOUNTS
        HEA Runner-up x1:
        ECAC Runner-up x1: 89
        ECAC DII Champ x2: 73, 74
        NCAA DI Frozen Four x2: 96, 09


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          Re: Week 5 Results

          I'll take advantage of the free offer
          Replacing Stenig (he's rostered, but he has a duplicate number with somebody who's playing), I'll take Jordan Lalor D Bowdoin (who seems to be available)
          Replacing Cinottii, I'll take the other Castleton goalie, Seth McNary who seems to have the #1 job, which was my original intention.

          As For my lineup this Week
          Prof's Power
          F Chad Anderson, Norwich
          F Pier-Oliver Cotnoir, Norwich
          F Isak Tranvik, St. Olaf
          D Nick Tabisz, St. Norbert
          D Jordan Lalor, Bowdoin
          G Seth McNary, Castleton

          F Pat O'Kane, Assumption
          D David Hines, Augsburg
          G Josh Leis, Plattsburg (Don't want to be schitzo on Saturday)
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          2007-2008 ECAC East/NESCAC Interlock Pick 'em winner
          2007-2008 Last Person Standing Winner,
          2013-2014 Last Person Standing Winner (tie)
          2016-2017 Last Person Standing Winner


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            Other Top Remaining Players

            Here are some of the top non drafed goaltenders so far in the 2010-2011

            Seth McNary, Jr, Castleton (Taken by NUProf)
            Andy Scheib, So, St. Mary's
            Kevin Carr, Fr, Buffalo State
            Scott Lewan, Fr, Wisconsin-River Falls
            Scott Hefferman, Sr, Hamilton
            Connor Toomey, Jr, Milwaukee School of Engineering (Hammer)
            Jack Astedt, So, Plymouth State
            Nick Krauss, Sr, St. Olaf
            Thomas Speer, Sr, Massachusetts-Boston
            Aaron Harvey, Sr, New England College
            Jake Menzel, So, Johnson and Wales
            Matt Hemingway, Fr, Hamline
            Kelly Andrew, Fr, Concordia (Minn.)
            Evan Smith, Fr, Utica
            Cory Gershon, Jr, Geneseo (Taken By LoudHorns)
            Robert Vorse, Sr, Fitchburg State
            Evan Johnson, Sr, Lawrence
            Mark Friesen, Fr, Fredonia

            Also here are some of the top Defense and Forwards so far in the 2010-2011 season

            William Thoren Lawrence FR D (Taken By CRTB)
            Mike Grace Plattsburgh SO D
            Wil Brown Nichols SO D
            Billy Pescosolido Fitchburg State SR D
            Don Kane Becker SO D
            Ryan Warsofsky Curry SR D
            Jordan Lalor Bowdoin JR D (Taken by NUProf)
            Dan Evarts Saint Michael's SO D
            Corey Dinwiddie Framingham State FR D
            Michael Thompson Milwaukee S. E. FR D
            Jay Fifield Hamline SR D
            Josh McCully Westfield State FR D
            Danny Scagnelli Geneseo JR D
            Scott Harff Colby SO D
            Todd Keats Wesleyan SR D
            Jason Cohen Wis-Stout SO D
            Zach Hale Buffalo State SO D
            Travis Bertolotti Fitchburg State JR D
            Domenic Recchia Johnson & Wales JR D
            Jon Stauffer Suffolk FR D

            Greg Ciciola, Jr, F, Hobart
            Zachary Vit, Fr, F, Geneseo
            Ross Janecyk, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire
            Jeremiah Ketts, Jr, F, Johnson and Wales
            Steve Gervais, So, F, Neumann
            Trever Hertz, Fr, F, Utica
            Bryan Ross, Jr, F, Fredonia
            Branden Gay, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stout
            Jordan Keizer, So, F, Milwaukee School of Engineering
            Robbie Sorrenti, Fr, F, Nichols
            Robert Carr, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stout
            Jack Paul, So, F, Bethel
            Michael Rey, Fr, F, Neumann
            Todd Krupa, Jr, F, Milwaukee School of Engineering
            Michael Soik, Sr, F, Milwaukee School of Engineering
            Matt Sayer, Jr, F, Nichols
            Trevor McKinney, So, F, Buffalo State
            JoJo Bojanowski, Sr, F, Nichols
            Riley Riddell, Jr, F, St. Scholastica
            Justin Quinn, So, F, Fitchburg State
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            Remy Babineaux
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              Re: D3 FHL Week 5 Results - Week 6 LineUps - FREE Trade Open

              Going to take a hit with teams off

              Red Statesmen

              D - Austin Brown CSS
              D - Steve Mallaro OS
              F - Zach Joy - USM
              F - Daniel Weiniger Bowdoin
              F - Nick Lampson Salem
              G - BJ Obrien SNC

              Ready Reserve
              James LaCour Salem G
              Brady Horn UWRF D
              Chris Paquet Nor F
              CCT '77 & '78
              4 kids
              5 grandsons (BCA 7/09, CJA 5/14, JDL 8/14, JFL 6/16, PJL 7/18)
              1 granddaughter (EML 4/18)

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                CardsRuleTheBurgh Update

                Received a text from CRTB (CardsRuleTheBurgh):

                He is replacing

                Ben Plocar, D, MSOE with William Thoren, Lawrence, FR, D (Free Trade)
                Kyle VanRentergem, G, Fredonia with Geoff Sadjadi, Fr, St. Thomas (Free Trade)
                Kevin Bolin, G, Elmira with Darren McDonald, So, Elmira (1st Trade)
                Remy Babineaux
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                  Re: D3 FHL Week 5 Results - Week 6 LineUps - FREE Trade Open

                  Received text from LoudHorns....


                  Bartel, G, Hamilton with Gershon, Geneseo, G
                  Remy Babineaux
                  D3FHL Web Page


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                    Re: D3 FHL Week 5 Results - Week 6 LineUps - FREE Trade Open

                    Drop: Milne (Elmira)
                    Add: Toomey, MSOE

                    Both goaltenders

                    God, that was fun...


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                      Re: D3 FHL Week 5 Results - Week 6 LineUps - FREE Trade Open

                      The Outlaw Onslaught

                      F- Blake Forkey- Norwich
                      F- Pat Nelson- Westfield St.
                      F- Vacant
                      D- Brendan Reich- Bowdoin
                      D- Charlie Raskob- St Olaf
                      G- Ryan Purdy- Williams

                      F- Luke Moodie- Oswego
                      F- Joel Sauer- Augsburg
                      D-Steve Rizer-Fredonia
                      G-Michael Jarboe- Wentworth


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                        Re: D3 FHL Week 5 Results - Week 6 LineUps - FREE Trade Open

                        F- Justin Quinn Fritchburg
                        F- Mathieu Dubuc Midd
                        F- Nick Jensen Plattsburgh
                        D- Ryan Corry Plattsburgh
                        D- Nathan Brummitt Marian
                        G- Cory Gershon Geneseo

                        Dropping Jermey Dawes for Justin Quinn from Fritchburg St.
                        Last edited by LoudHorns31; 11-23-2010, 05:49 PM. Reason: Free Trade option.
                        Jim Reisdorf
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                          Re: D3 FHL Week 5 Results - Week 6 LineUps - FREE Trade Open

                          Sticks' Scorpions

                          F- Emmond Bell, Norwich
                          F- open
                          F- open
                          D- Mike Kavanaugh, Plattsburgh
                          D- Kyle Shearer-Hardy, Bowdoin
                          G- Wesley Vesprini, Trinity

                          F- Mat Hehr, Fredonia
                          F- Coleman Noonan, St. Anselm
                          F- Matthew Wallace, Hobart
                          D- Matt Rigtrup, St. Michaels
                          G- Brennan Poderzay, St. Scholastica


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                            Re: D3 FHL Week 5 Results - Week 6 LineUps - FREE Trade Open

                            F- Sam Kuzyk Adrian
                            F- Casey Terreri Salem St
                            F- Martin Drolet Middlebury
                            D- Mike Bernardy SNC
                            D- Justin Favreau SNC
                            G- Brad Fogal Adrian

                            F- Andrew Kappers St. T
                            D- Jamison Raymond Lawrence
                            G- Caylin Relkoff Morrisville


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                              Re: D3 FHL Week 5 Results - Week 6 LineUps - FREE Trade Open

                              Originally posted by PSUChamps2001
                              Look down to post #1.....
                              Favreau has played in three games this season.
                              I wish I am able to live long enough to do all the things I was attributed to.