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2009-2010 T.O.P. Thread

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  • 2009-2010 T.O.P. Thread

    It is a little early, but it took a while last year to get things moving so I figured I'd better start it sooner then later. For those of you who don't know what the TOP is:

    What is the TOP?
    The TOP (Tournament Of Posters) is an online fan based poll voted tournament of the top 65 posters on the USCHO Message Board.

    How are posters determined?
    All TOP contenders are nominated by their fellow USCHO posters either via the message board or the official TOP website.

    How are seedings determined?
    Once all 65 posters are nominated, the TOP Committee breaks down the 65 posters using a mathematical formula that rates each poster based on posts per day, board longevity, quality posts, and reputation. The committee also looks at secondary criteria if needed. Once ranked, the committee then puts each poster in a region depending on overall rank, regional match ups, and opponent matchups.

    How are the winners determined?
    Using only fan based polls, posters vote for their favorite poster on a one-on-one battle.

    What does the TOP winner receive?
    A huge bunch of absolute nothing, except pride and the fact that you are the top poster of the year.
    Remy Babineaux
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    Selection Committee

    Webb did a great job last year, but I would like to have some more people on this years committee to A) help him out with the polls, and B) get some more input into the selction.

    Hopefully we can have a real selection show this year if Carey's laptop doesn't crash again.

    If you are interested in being on the committee, here are some of the rules and requirements:


    Committee Requirements
    1) Must have AOL-AIM for discussion purpose
    2) Be able to post and update the polls
    3) Must have been a USCHO member for the entire 2008-2009 season

    1) Select and Rank TOP Nominations
    2) Determine TOP match ups
    3) Determine Ties if Needed
    Remy Babineaux
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      T.O.P. Nominations and Rules

      Rules are very simple:


      - Only DIII Men Fan Forum Members are allowed to be nominated

      - Nominees must be registered at least 30 days prior to the start of the TOP

      - No duplicate nomination or duplicate poster names


      Will post nominations here are we get them:

      1. MW4Bucky&SNC
      2. NUProf
      3. CardsRuletheBurgh
      4. PSUChamps2001
      5. MCullen
      6. pete99race
      7. PrezdeJohnson09
      8. joeyc3402
      9. NorthernLite
      10. Hammer
      11. Webb/XYZ
      12. 93GreatLaker
      13. Joecct
      14. norm1909
      15. Toe Blake's Brother
      16. nysportsfan29
      17. collegehcky2
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      Remy Babineaux
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        Re: 2009-2010 T.O.P. Thread

        I am going to go ahead and get the nomination process started by nominating MW4Bucky&SNC. He is a well-informed poster, and a class individual. Plus, he is a Brewer's fan, which is a plus.

        If I am allowed a second nomination, I nominate pete99race. If I am not allowed a second nomination, then I suck for suggesting a second nomination.
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          Re: 2009-2010 T.O.P. Thread

          I'll nominate NUProf, his posts are usually very insightful and he doesn't bloviate.
          Formerly known as NUSuntan


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            Re: 2009-2010 T.O.P. Thread

            I'll nominate CardsRuletheBurgh.


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              Re: 2009-2010 T.O.P. Thread

              I'll nominate PSUChamps. Remy may be a Plattsburgh fan, but his posts run the gamut of funny, informative and full of statistical data.
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                Re: 2009-2010 T.O.P. Thread

                I nominate MCullen... because of this.

                The question of second nominations hasn't been answered yet, but if we are allowed a second nomination, I'll nominate PrezdeJohnson09/Derek Dunning/Purple&Gold10, or whatever his name is these days

                (just notice Remy ignored the pete99race nomination above, so I'm assuming that means no 2nd nominations)
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                  Re: 2009-2010 T.O.P. Thread

                  I will update it when I get back home!
                  Remy Babineaux
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                    Re: 2009-2010 T.O.P. Thread

                    Are there any western posters Someone needs to nominate some, least we be left with Easterm Bias
                    Larry Normandin
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                      Re: 2009-2010 T.O.P. Thread

                      Originally posted by norm1909 View Post
                      Are there any western posters Someone needs to nominate some, least we be left with Easterm Bias
                      Yes. Add joeyc3402 to the mix.
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                        Re: 2009-2010 T.O.P. Thread

                        Northern Lite, please.
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                          Re: 2009-2010 T.O.P. Thread


                          Another one for the Adrian region
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                            Re: 2009-2010 T.O.P. Thread

                            Webb / XYZ - enter him as two contestants.

                            Also nominate fornax, just because we can.


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                              Re: 2009-2010 T.O.P. Thread

                              93GreatLaker...adds quality to any discussion.