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Why does the West even have hockey?

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    Re: Why does the West even have hockey?

    Originally posted by PSUChamps2001 View Post
    Yea they've done that a lot in the past 15 years...
    Last time I checked, the "state of hockey" is in the upper midwest, not the east.
    A Badger living in Buckeye country.
    Originally posted by MadCityRich
    He blossomed after he left the U, and they still named a city in Minnesota after him?
    Originally posted by ExileOnDaytonStreet
    Sieve, Minnesota? Never heard of it.
    Originally posted by Timothy A
    I know my distain of anything and everything related to IL or MN is totally insane, but that's me; you can't change the genetics.
    "The state of North Dakota may not exist. It's like South Dakota's Canadian girlfriend." -- Stephen Colbert