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DIII Conferences Shuffle?

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  • DIII Conferences Shuffle?

    Hi, excuse my ignorance to this topic. I have followed DI-Hockey East my whole life so I am new to the DIII landscape - as of the introduction of Rivier hockey.

    Can anyone tell me their thoughts on when/where Rivier can land conference wise? This land of independence is obviously less than ideal. I had heard that New England College might be leaving their current conference home...could they wind up with Rivier and the (two?) other independents to begin to form a new conference? Help educate me

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    It is my understanding that the 4 independents are looking to have 2 schools join them to form a conference. Albertus M., Anna Maria, Rivier and SUNY Canton are the 4 current independents and last year they held an end of the year tournament with the blessing of the GNAC.


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      The GNAC is, I believe, one school away from having its own conference. That will open a can of worms
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