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Norwich 2022-23 Back to Normal (ish)

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    Hoping we’ll hear from Flint soon.


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      When Puck Voice said he'd be there, I was hoping he was calling the game. I think I did get a glimpse of him in the usual broadcast booth, but the game went 1 1/2 periods with no sound and then I could hear only the PA for the rest of the game. Oh well, at least it was fun to watch the game, 8-0 win. Hard to rate Norwich because we completely dominated the game and Nichols had puck handling issues. Newcomer Leonard (16) had 2 goals I think, and Kerner had quite a few assists. Noah Williams looked really strong, a goal and at least 1 assist. Atherton played 2 full periods and Albano played the 3rd. Both looked good, but were not challenged a lot. We had at least 2 power play goals and movement looked good. Offense is putting some big bodies in front of the net. I believe we had 2 or maybe 3 penalties, but one was a matching. I didn't see any issues with the PK but again Nichols didn't really have a great passing or shooting game. Did not catch the shots for both sides but I imagine we outshot them by a large margin.

      Again would love to see the stats, hope SID get's that up and running.
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        Craig and I were both there but only to scout ... Not setup for broadcast.
        Do have a scoring summary ...

        Elgstam and rookie Ryan Leonard 2 goals each

        Other goals Lewis , Mantaro , O'Neal , and newbie Johnny Johnson.

        Kerner 3 assists

        5 pp goals ... 2 shorties.

        Shots something like 40-10.

        Cadets looked good.

        Nichols did not.
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          Thanks for the update Puck Voice, thought for sure that I saw you and Craig as the camera scanned down ice. I had no idea that we got 2 more shorties last night and thought that there were at least 2 PP, but 5???? Wow! It's so hard to follow online with out announcers, so I (and numerous radio and online folks) will be glad to hear you and Craig. I'll be really glad if you tell me you'll be calling the game next week with Endicott!
          There is no right way to do the wrong thing. Go Cadets


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            Originally posted by Bog Hockey View Post
            Hoping we’ll hear from Flint soon.
            Here! Great day at Norwich yesterday featuring a football win over MIT and a men's soccer win over Albertus Magnus in addition to the rolling the Nichols Bison received. We were one women's soccer win away from a clean home sweep for Cadets athletics.

            Tough game to take much away from as Nichols was outclassed from the outset (they have fallen FAR from the Kevin Swallow era). That said, good teams dominate lesser opponents and that is exactly what happened.

            Broad view: Norwich looked fast and athletic. I don't think I've noticed speed like that from them in a couple of years. There was sustained pressure on Nichols all afternoon long, mostly because the Cadets beat them to just about every puck. Once again, I was impressed with the solid defense (Poorman and Mantaro stood out yesterday IMO) and goaltending. Kerner looked like Kerner, which is to say a very good player who is a threat at all times. I thought Alex Lewis displayed some nifty mitts.

            I know for a fact that Patrick O'Neal put in a TON of work this summer on his strength and his conditioning and early on it appears to have worked. I have a feeling he is going to have a breakout year.

            Word on the street is that Coach Ellsworth really likes his team this year.

            I'm very excited for next weekend's opener at Endicott. If my memory serves me, we've tied Endicott 3-3 every single time we have met on the ice. The GULLS will be a big step up from St. Anselm and Nichols, but the Cadets will be a step up for Endicott too. Should be a fantastic hockey game.


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              I can see why coach likes the team this year, lot's more talent, fire power, speed and size will make a difference. I thought our endurance looked good, that is something that Norwich is known for. Good job guys and the strength and conditioning team. It's very early how we'll do against the many talented teams in our conference, but I am very optimistic. Our first test will be Endicott who are rated 1 above us (#14) in the USCHO poll and rated #1 to win the regular season for the CCC. It would be nice to actually win against them, 3 ties of 3-3 in 3 years needs to be put behind us with a definitive win!
              There is no right way to do the wrong thing. Go Cadets


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                Flint, as always, very insightful and much appreciated! The early optimism is both exciting and needed. Can’t wait for the season opener.


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                  Thanks again everyone for your comments. I really appreciate all of them. I hope you continue after the Endicott game which should be a real test. Looks like another possible tie on paper. This thread is starting to look like the old "I Will Try" threads that we all looked forward to.
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                    Okay I'm back - I've been consumed with the NHL and the Colorado Avalanche, but since it looks like maybe things are back to normal in DIII I will resurface here.
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                      Cadets up 2-0 over Endicott after one. PP goal by Kerner from O'Neal and Williams, and Brandon Jones (5x5) from O'Neal and Poorman. Looking better in the 1st period than I have seen in a few years.
                      There is no right way to do the wrong thing. Go Cadets


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                        After 2, Norwich over Endicott 3--0, 2nd period PP goal by Williams with assists to Elgstam and Nagle.
                        There is no right way to do the wrong thing. Go Cadets


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                          Good solid opening win over a quality out of conference opponent.
                          Into league play next week.
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                            Finally, we won against Endicott tonight, getting out of the stalemate history of a total of all 3 games ending in 3-3 ties in regulation. Endicott actually won the last game in a shoot out to win the Northfield Savings Bank Tournament in 2019. It's ironic that the score ended up being 3-0 This was the 1st true test of the season, and Wick looked great and did not have the typical slow first period they have been fighting for years. Good to see Mike Mackenzie back on the ice after a hard hit in the 1st period. Apparently not a concussion issue, which I was initially concerned about. More than likely, he may have had the air knocked out of him. Even the new players on the team looked seasoned and Atherton was right on, making a few tricky saves in the second and third. Power play was 2/4 with good movement and the penalty kill was very successful, no goals allowed the 2 times we were shorthanded. There really wasn't anything I could pinpoint as being problematic in this season opener, certainly not anything that will naturally improve as the players become more comfortable and confident in their lines. I know it doesn't really mean that much, but we are 3-0 in the preseason and opening game, we've had 2 shut outs and out scored our opponents 16-1. If I remember correctly that is a better start than in the previous last few years where we had lost games or had ties. Since exhibition games don't get recorded in our stats, I can't prove my theory and please correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that we have had a strong start and I am very optimistic about what we have going for us this season. As usual, I'd like to hear other people's opinions, especially those of you seeing the games in person.

                            Nice game Cadets, thanks for an entertaining evening.
                            There is no right way to do the wrong thing. Go Cadets


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                              Norwich did it’s part to continue the 3 goal trend in 4th straight game vs. Endicott, but the Gulls were unable to match.

                              Was a great game for Norwich to open the season against a tough non-conference opponent on the road and pick up an impressive victory.

                              As you said first two were exhibitions, so don’t really mean much, but still nice to see a lot of goals and not many given up.

                              Team looks sharp, fast and motivated so far.

                              Coach Ellsworth will be the first to tell you championships aren’t won in October, but I’m sure he’s got to be happy with the early results and spread out scoring.

                              If Norwich can keep building and improving throughout the season as they’ve generally done under Ellsworth, could be a very exciting February/March in Central Vermont….
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                                Flint, what are your observations and thoughts on the Endicott game? Thanks.