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    Re: Primelink 2017

    From George and Cory on WDEV, Salvucci not playing, took useless, over aggressive penalties last night. Typical McShane move, one that I personally like. Not as a punishment, but as a tool of allowing the player to watch the game from the stands, see some things that work and some which needs work, and just chill for awhile. He's a good player, I think he feels he is carrying the team on his shoulders offense wise and has been trying to do it all on his own. From the stands maybe he is going to see some passing/give and go potentials that Norwich has been missing lately.
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      Re: Primelink 2017

      And the Plattsburgh State Cardinals are your 2017 Primelink Champions
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        Re: Primelink 2017

        Originally posted by PSUChamps2001 View Post
        Big ice helps IMO
        Not that Platty with their dinky rink should benefit from that.
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          Originally posted by NUProf View Post
          Not that Platty with their dinky rink should benefit from that.
          Plattsburgh has recruited for "big ice" play in the past 10 years or so, and it has shown on the ice.
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