The National D-III Pick 'Em Challenge is back for a fifth year! While we may not have the long tradition of many of the other Pick 'Em games, we do have the advantage of....well...not much. But read below if you want to play anyway!

The D-III Pick 'Em Challenge is different than most of the Pick 'Em games played on these boards because not only do you have to pick winners for each game, but you need to decide how confident you are in each pick. Each week, I will choose any five games that are being played in D-III and your job is to pick the winner of each game and then rank them one through five based upon how confident you are in each pick. The game you feel most confident about will be worth 5 points and the game you feel least confident about will be worth 1 point. You do not need to predict the score of the game, simply pick the winner and assign it a point value one through five. Also, you must use each point value one through five. Also, there is will be a BONUS Question each week worth 1 additional point! Questions? Ask away!

Past Champions
2012: NorthernLite
2013: 97osu
2014: 97osu
2015: Oldtimehockey

Past Runner Ups
2012: Captain Obvious
2013: Ozz
2014: hawk
2015: Lakerfan11/norm1909

Week Eight
Skidmore @ Hamilton (January 1st)
Nazareth vs. Colby (January 1st)
Adrian vs. Williams (January 2nd)
Manhattanville vs. Trinity (January 2nd)
Neumann vs. New England College (January 2nd)

Predict each tournament winner. 1 Point for each correct.
Plattsburgh Tournament: Plattsburgh, Nazareth, Colby, Fitchburg State
Codfish Bowl: Brockport, UMASS-Boston, Johnson & Wales, Westfield State
Salem State Tournament: Salem State, Endicott, Amherst, Babson
Middlebury Classic: Middlebury, Canton, Neumann, New England College
Pathfinder Bank Classic: Oswego, Castelton, Adrian, Williams
Northfield Bank Tournament: Norwich, Wesleyan, Manhattanville, Trinity