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    Originally posted by hawk View Post
    joecct if every team can conduct an international hockey trip every 4 years can you tell me why more teams don't go up to Montreal, Quebec City, or Toronto for a week to get in a few pre-season games and practices. Or do you have to visist Europe so you can play a bigger variety of teams. I checked out the blog and the Castleton trip looks like an outstanding trip for a young hockey player.
    I have read the castleton team blog and sounds like the competetion was only in the 1st games the other games were absolute blow outs , winning by 10 plus goals a game. Not worth that much money to see the sights of Europe. They even had to provide players because the team they played was short players. You would think that in planning a HOCKEY trip the competetion you play would be spot on so the games were competetive. Im sure the boys had fun but still....


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      Re: Pre Season training

      Originally posted by Collegeman View Post
      Not worth that much money to see the sights of Europe. ...Im sure the boys had fun but still....
      I'm sure that the competitive aspect of the trip was only a part of the consideration. As an educational experience, being able to encounter the culture of other countries is a pretty valuable thing. Not everything that happens in DIII hockey is, or even should be, focused on winning games. That (fortunately) is the difference between DIII sports and DI sports. The focus is on the education first, and athletics second.
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        Re: Pre Season training

        The above is a link to a 7 Days (Vermont Weekly Paper) atricle on what it takes to train the top hockey players in the state. I am not sure how the D3 training prorams compare with Body Solutions but pro athletics sometime train there.
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          Re: Pre Season training

          Originally posted by NUProf View Post
          They are focused on not spending money. DIII represents about 3% of the NCAA budget, and testing at every championship would greatly add to that cost. They don't have the power to mandate individual school's policies.
          Now they do. The PSU case opened up a huge can of worms on the powers of the NCAA President.
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