Ok hockey fans, let's pass the time with voting for your top three of the current Hobey finalists.

Keep in mind the voting criteria -
  1. Strength of character, on and off the ice
  2. Contribution to the integrity of the team and outstanding skills in all phases of the game
  3. Scholastic achievement and sportsmanship
  4. Compliance with all NCAA rules, including being a full-time student in an accredited college or university and completing 50 percent or more of the season

I'll start by giving my three:
  1. Jason Polin - The committee loves upper classman. Leading goal scorer in the nation and fits much of the voting criteria (although I don't have any idea about these players scholastic achievements).
  2. Adam Fantilli - Personally, I've only got him here because there's no way two MN players will be voted into the final three. No one can argue this guys offensive talents. Not sure however that sportsmanship and integrity is exactly how I'd describe this freshman. He's been kicked out of at least two games I know of and as is the case for Michigan overall, they lack discipline (one of the most heavily penalized teams in the NCAA) and they don't play a solid two way game on a consistent basis. (If I had my way I'd put Knies in here instead because I think he is off the charts in all phases of the game and no one in college hockey works harder than this guy does. Every. Single. Shift.)
  3. Logan Cooley - A lot like Fantilli in terms of pure offensive talent. The difference in my opinion is he hustles back and plays a solid two way game. His game has very few weaknesses, maybe the only one I've seen is at times lackluster faceoff results. That's really digging deep to find weaknesses however and I think he's quickly going to be on his way to the NHL.