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  • Whats up with SLU?

    I realize their strength of schedule is not great, but SLU has been killing it in the second half. Harvard on the other hand looks all but dead. How is it that SLU is ranked 5 spots below Harvard in the poll? Feels a little like the usual North Country bias to me. Carvy has taken this group of babies, who were roundly picked at #11 in the ECAC this season to a team no one wants a piece of. Granted, it's largely on the back of an outstanding freshman goalkeeper, but still, they are a force to be reckoned with at this point. Few teams in the country have had a better second half of the season! Come on voters! Get it right for once.

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    Re: Whats up with SLU?

    While most of what you say is true, let's look at the season as a whole.

    Losses to RIT, a pretty poor Ferris St. at home. Lost and tied Clarkson at home, tied Princeton. Went 0-2 against Colgate and Vermont, 0-1-1 against Northeastern. The last 3 specifically are keeping us from looking better when compared to them, since they're all quite close to us in all ranking systems.

    Factor all of those in, and compare to the other teams around us in the polls. You'll see that, while one of the hottest second half teams this year, the whole picture is probably only a little above average. Still beating expectations for sure, but I'm fine with the ranking positions (polls and PWR, the latter which is the only one that matters.)

    Just buckle up and enjoy the ride. The present is bright, and the future is brighter in Canton.