Please vote for your 4 choices to be on Brown's "Mount Rushmore." The poll will allow you to vote for more than 4 choices, but if you exceed 4 choices, your vote's weight will diminish by how many votes you cast (i.e. if you cast 5 votes, each vote will count as 80% (4/5) of its normal value). Also, there will be no concentration of a vote's weight (i.e. if you only vote for 1 your vote will count as 4 votes).

Further, if Brown is the program that you follow and you want your vote to count for more than say a BC fan's vote, please register your program allegiance here...

The voting will remain open for 35 days.

Also, feel free to post "bios" of candidates if you wish.

If you vote for "Other" please post the name of the person you wish to vote for.