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Ways to improve???

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    Re: Ways to improve???

    UMASS gets all the publicity in Springfield. Check their local newspaper. It's really going to take a cheerleader on one of the news stations for sports, or in the newspaper.


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      Re: Ways to improve???

      Originally posted by kingdobbs View Post
      When you consider the following facts:
      1) 4 other teams in college hockey did not fill their allotment of games, including independent UAH;
      2) 8 teams in the ECAC filled some non-conference dates with other ECAC teams;
      3) UMass opted to play two non-US exhibitions rather than a home date with the physically closest D-I team to them;

      It seems that the "nobody wants to play AIC" hypothesis has at least some observational merit behind it.
      if I were UMass I wouldn't play AIC... Springfield is their market... AIC beating UMass would just serve to give AIC an opportunity... same reason UConn bball won't schedule UMass anymore.
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        Re: Ways to improve???

        Well, tonight's game sure helped. 6-2 vs RIT, with one of their best players being given a game misconduct. They also survived a 2 minute 5-3 (with the help of only one post)


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          Re: Ways to improve???


          What's the hockey budget?


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            Re: Ways to improve???

            BC would probably never play AIC... maybe as an exhibition game - though i have never seen an exhibition game that wasnt against canada or a us national team.
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            Originally posted by shrader
            Admin, do you still hate BC? If not, will darin and MAV ever be freed? If you do still hate BC, why is SteveF allowed to post?
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              Re: Ways to improve???

              Meisner is proving to be a goalie that can steal games. The AIC offense is better than years past. IF the young players continue to develop, they will be a pretty good team. They have 4 wins already after only 5 last year.
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                Re: Ways to improve???


                Nice article from


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                  Re: Ways to improve???

                  Tom Fenton (former AIC GK) got signed to an emergency contract tonight with Phoenix.