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BC v. UVM at the Gutt...flame on

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    Re: BC v. UVM at the Gutt...flame on

    Those are the home games that aren't in teh student package. I've said it on EA a million times, Sunday games are terrible for student attendance and attendance in general, esp against the NFL.


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      Re: BC v. UVM at the Gutt...flame on

      Originally posted by jcarter7669 View Post
      UVM lets football season ticket holders in for free to all games...provided you pay an upfront fixed fee of $400.
      Burlington sounds like a great place to sell some goods. Ten FREE windows to all callers... provided they pay me an upfront fixed fee of $10k when I knock on the door. I'll throw in a ticket to the game.
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        Re: BC v. UVM at the Gutt...flame on

        Cant think why no-one has posted here after 2 very exciting games.

        Vermont fans said we would be happy with a split so......yippeeee!!!!
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          Re: BC v. UVM at the Gutt...flame on

          as expected, vermont didnt skate like a team with no wins. they completely outhustled BC all night on saturday. tenacious back checking and gritty/relentless offensive attack. i was incredibly surprised that vermont didnt break out the trap at any point during their leads in each game. a wrinkle that probably surprised the BC coaches as well.

          certainly struggling to start the season, and 2 games against a winless team SHOULD be a sweep. but cant be too upset about a split only because of how terrible BC has been on the road in vermont for the past few years. though it was obvious the coaches were simply not happy with the effort on saturday night

          2 good crowds and 2 exciting one goal games. definitely a fun weekend.
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          Originally posted by shrader
          Admin, do you still hate BC? If not, will darin and MAV ever be freed? If you do still hate BC, why is SteveF allowed to post?
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