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DU Hosts UVM - Oct. 9 & 10 - The 60th Anniversary Edition

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    Re: DU Hosts UVM - Oct. 9 & 10 - The 60th Anniversary Edition

    Really enjoyed the insightful posts on this thread. DU fans are a class act!
    Look forward to seeing DU at the Gut next season!

    Charter Member of the Catamount Hockey Bandwagon! GO CATS GO!


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      Re: DU Hosts UVM - Oct. 9 & 10 - The 60th Anniversary Edition

      Originally posted by Puck Swami View Post
      Vermont played great road hockey for five of six periods this weekend, and played as an experienced, quality team needs to play far from home. They were well-coached, positionally strong, played clean and were very physical/well conditioned. That was the biggest defense we've seen here in years, and the overall skating ability is strong. I also thought Madore was very good against a loaded DU offense, and Roloff, Irwin and Stacey were very good at countering and reading opportunities going the other way. I thought Denver was the more offensively deeper, faster and more skilled team this weekend, but UVMs experienced defense and goaltending were certainly a notch above DU at this point, and I look forward to the re-match at the Gut next year.

      Denver decided to play a number of freshman above the norm all weekend, which was a good way to get their feet wet, but it certainly cost DU the chance at a sweep last night. That said, I think Vermont was full value for the victory and were the better team on Saturday night.
      To the DU fans. Thanks for the play by play and insight into the game from both sides. You guy's are definitely a class act and I know that the UVM fans wish you guys all the best this season...


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        Re: DU Hosts UVM - Oct. 9 & 10 - The 60th Anniversary Edition

        Couldn't agree more with the last couple of posts....we get a lot of nonsense posted by a few of our regular opponenets....nice to read some insightful and knowlegable opinions about both teams...particularly helpful early in the year like this when we're all trying to figure out what are teams are going to be and are capable of.

        I hear you on the comment about playing the freshmen. We're doing that a little bit this year as well by playing that entire freshmen line....luckly our new guys seems to hold thier own which is a great sign for us.

        Hopefully both teams play well the rest of the year, and maybe we get another game together in the spring to resolve the split! Truth be told, my guess is by then the Pioneers will be hitting their full stride and will be real tough to beat.

        Best of luck the rest of the way.


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          Re: DU Hosts UVM - Oct. 9 & 10 - The 60th Anniversary Edition

          I think the other thing that I forgot to mention about UVM was the remarkable adjusting job Coach Sneddon and his staff must have done between Friday and Saturday. Normally, I think Denver usually does the better job adjusting from the first game to the second, but the adjusting job that UVM did was far better this weekend.

          UVM was outskated late in the game on Friday, and by Saturday, the Cats seemed much better in the third, having paced themselves. They also were also far better using their size and physical advantages to wear down the Pioneers in the second game and make them play from behind, and they were also better at the point of attack in forcing Denver's freshmen to handle the puck and make turnovers. Addtionally, we also saw more outside speed from UVM on the second night, and as a result, the UVM shot totals essentially doubled. That's coaching.

          Those close to the Denver program were all complimenting the way UVM played this weekend. Good luck the rest of the way.


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            Re: DU Hosts UVM - Oct. 9 & 10 - The 60th Anniversary Edition

            I could easily see Vermont winning the Hockey East. In fact I'm calling it now. They'll win the regular season or the HE playoffs.
            Props to Vermont. If this was a boxing match they won five out of six periods this weekend.

            One area Vermont killed us was on the counterattack when our Dmen pinched in too far. Paddy Wiercioch spent much of the weekend playing forward for DU. Don't get me wrong, I love it, four forwards and one Dman in even strength situations will revolutionize the game.

            All in all it was a great weekend for the fans at Magness. Thrilling games, great atmosphere, great players being tested.

            I get the feeling that Gwoz is going to play the heck out of the Freshmen and I wouldn't be surprised to see DU something like 7-5-0 after 12 games with a few "shock" losses in there. Then when everything settles down, they roll after New Years.
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