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Maine @ Michigan State (10/14-15)

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    Re: Maine @ Michigan State (10/14-15)

    Originally posted by Big Papa View Post
    Very impressed with joey D's play.
    --- Joey Diamond is for real...gamer. He got jobbed in game 2 vs MSU by the Referee's,watching it on TV and wondering what they saw............


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      Re: Maine @ Michigan State (10/14-15)

      the officials did not necessarily see anything done by Diamond. they called as many or more phantom calls against MSU.

      I should amend that, the ONE ref called all of the calls, just like Ritchie did up at Orono a week ago.
      I do not know why they have 2 refs if only one of them is going to call everything, no matter how close it is to the other ref.

      also, goaltender interference is supposed to be when diamond is in the crease and interfering with a goaltender making a save, not just having a Hamilton in the crease. bad call.

      (one Hamilton of course being the unit of measure, known to Maine fans, as a miniscule amount of a skate touching the paint outlining the crease... the rule was changed because of the size and effect of one Hamilton)
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