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How would an NHL franchise in Wisconsin effect the Badgers?

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    Re: How would an NHL franchise in Wisconsin effect the Badgers?

    First you have arena problems in both cities. There is nowhere for an NHL team to play in Madison. Don't think for a minute that UW would let an NHL team in the door there. In Milwaukee, the Bucks are hoping for a new arena in the near future.
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      Re: How would an NHL franchise in Wisconsin effect the Badgers?

      Originally posted by Chris_NH View Post
      I think a litmus test is Boston, which arguably has more hockey played in and around it than most other U.S cities...when you factor in NHL, AHL, and college. And when you factor in Providence, Lowell, Manchester, and Worcester...which all (to a greater or lesser degree) fall within the orbit of 'Boston.'
      Really a completely different situation. Denver is closer to what the situation would be in Milwaukee - a new NHL team moving into a market where there's already college hockey.

      Originally posted by GoBucky36
      I think part of it is marketing. Ive NEVER see an Admirals ad on TV or heard one on the radio.
      In comparison, during hockey season its not at all uncommon to see Rockford Icehogs commercials on all the time.
      Like I said, Im just grateful that we have teams like the Badgers, Admirals, Green Bay Gamblers and Janesville Jets. As much as I may feel like its incomplete without an NHL team, theres lots of good hockey to be seen in this state.
      The Admirals do have commercials (both radio and TV), and used to draw very well during the period when the IHL thought it could compete with the NHL. But even then, they didn't make money for years and years. The Pettits were rich enough and loved hockey, so they didn't care. Then after Jane Pettit died, nobody wanted to put any money into the team when they knew it would lose money, and it still suffers (even though the new ownership has done a good job). Milwaukee was very lucky to have owners that weren't really interested in money - they were just interested in keeping hockey here.


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        Re: How would an NHL franchise in Wisconsin effect the Badgers?

        I think you have it backwards. How would the Badgers effect a potential NHL franchise. From the time I've spent up there, the Badgers are the king when it comes to hockey. I bet attendance would be higher at Kohl than any NHL team would get in Milwaukee.
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          Re: How would an NHL franchise in Wisconsin effect the Badgers?

          Keep in mind, back in the day when Lloyd Petit was trying to lure the NHL to Milwaukee, the Admirals were in the IHL and averaging well over 10,000+ a game. Back then, Milwaukee could have totally handled an NHL team.

          I don't blame Petit for being cheap. I blame the NHL owners for trying to charge him TONS more than they did to the ****ing Gund brothers for that unholy abomination of a franchise in San Jose. I blame them for cowtowing to Bill Wirt$ and his desire to not have competition nearby. I blame them for being an old boys club who picked and chose who to let in instead of looking at the quality of bids for NHL franchises.

          In either case, Milwaukee's changed a lot since the early 90s. Not as strong of an economy, nowhere near as strong of a hockey culture, and just not enough free money to go around. Maybe if we start making more money off the brewing industry like we used to. Maybe if some other industries pick up around here. Maybe if the Bucks move. But really, there just isn't enough to go around to expect an NHL team to be a success. I hate to say it, but its true.

          I'll also second the notion that the Madison and Milwaukee sports fans don't exactly travel back and forth much. There's enough of a difference to suspect that they wouldn't have much effect on each other. The most would be that each team would build interest in hockey, which is good for everyone.
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            Re: How would an NHL franchise in Wisconsin effect the Badgers?

            First off, they would never put an NHL team in Madison as the demographics wouldn't support it. Not in terms of income, but in terms of population and what that population spends money on. This is a Badger town, which all of the minor league hockey teams have discovered.

            Secondly, Milwaukee is not a hockey city. Never has been, never will be. Maybe if there was no other pro sports in town and an NHL team was the only thing going. Even then...

            For me, I couldn't care less as I am a lifelong Hawks fan although it would be nice to only have to drive an hour(to Milwaukee) to see my team play.