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2011 Frozen Four lottery results

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    Re: 2011 Frozen Four lottery results

    Originally posted by CLS View Post
    Not disagreeing with you, but this reasoning doesn't apply to everybody. For many long time attendees, #1 isn't an issue (actually if it were an issue, we probably wouldn't be long time attendees ). As for the "insurance", it's worth more than just the opportunity to by tickets. I don't know other's threshhold for risk-taking, but I'd be very reluctant to buy non-refundable airline tickets without the insurance. And some hotels are taking deposits and applying penalties for cancellations.

    As for the having money tied up for a year, IMO, it's more emotional that real. Yeah, I don't like the NCAA having my money a year in advance. But if the money were in the bank instead of with the NCAA, the interest I'd earn is wouldn't even buy me a beer -- probably not even a bottle of water -- at the next FF. And emotionally, for me at least, after the first year it doesn't feel as bad. I get my tickets and enter next year's lottery, so it seems like I'm getting the tickets when I pay for them.

    I'm guessing that more folks got bfed for Columbus than last year. I think pretty much everyone knew there wouldn't be much of a secondary market. Unless you mean people getting bfed by getting seats with great view of the back of the benches.
    I go every year regardless of the teams and pay the fee to enter the lottery. I've been fortunate to see my team more often than not, but to me, it's a chance to get away and enjoy hockey. Booking travel, etc is enough reason for me just to have the tickets in hand when we go.


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      Re: 2011 Frozen Four lottery results

      The way I look at it, I want to take a couple vacations per year and one of them will be the frozen four. My wife loves college hockey and we hope to go every year until we are no longer able to.

      We get to visit different parts of the country, be a tourist in areas where we might not otherwise go, eat at different restaurants, and enjoy good hockey while we are at it. There is always a team we can cheer for, even if that is not our team. 2011 we have to skip, my wife is due just prior to the frozen four.

      I know I can get FF tickets at or lower than face value, but I want the point, am willing to wait the many years to get the good seats, and want to be sure I have the tickets in hand before I travel to a city usually far away (the disadvantage of being from Denver, we have to fly everywhere).