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NCAA Considers Ban on Early Scholarship Offers

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    Re: NCAA Considers Ban on Early Scholarship Offers

    Originally posted by bothman View Post
    What is being considered:
    - No scholarship granted before July 1 of a prospective student's junior year of high school
    - Need a transcript dicumneting at least 5 semesters or 7 quarters of academic work before being able to offer a scholarship

    How do you think this will impact NCAA hockey?
    I don't know that this as all that restrictive. I mean, you are waitng until July 1 of a student's Junior year. And you want to see a transcript to be certain that he's at least making progress...I mean, when you consider we're talking about 15-16 year olds, and asking them to commit to something 2 years away...heck, most kids that age can't commit to doing something in 2 hours...beyond that, I think this is aimed at some of th emore sleazy recuiting sports, not really hockey...


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      Re: NCAA Considers Ban on Early Scholarship Offers

      T.H.N. take on the matter


      Doesn't appear to be a consensus among the coaching fraternity on the matter.