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2010-2011 WCHA Predictions Thread

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    Re: 2010-2011 WCHA Predictions Thread

    Originally posted by dogs2012 View Post
    No offense, but I don't think it means you have nothing to say, it just means that you realize the guys got 50,000+ posts, and that in itself is ridiculous. Also, it makes some think that you may take the board too seriously, and don't want to say anything to offend. Just sayin'.
    You obviously don't understand. You just lost this argument before anyone started arguing with you.
    Having a clear conscience just means you have a bad memory or you had a boring weekend.

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      Re: 2010-2011 WCHA Predictions Thread

      Originally posted by umassfan49 View Post
      1. North Dakota
      2. Minnesota-Duluth
      3. St Cloud
      4. Denver
      5. Wisconsin
      6. Bemidji State
      7. Minnesota
      8. Colorado College
      9. Nebraska-Omaha
      10. Minnesota State
      11. Alaska-Anchorage
      12. Michigan Tech

      Player of the Year: Jack Connolly - UMD
      Well, at least I got the 1 v. 12 matchup correct...
      Let the Rebuilding Begin