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How's the 2010 Frozen Four

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    Re: How's the 2010 Frozen Four

    how bad can it be?!?! michigan ave has more strip clubs than las vegas
    a legend and an out of work bum look a lot alike, daddy.


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      Re: How's the 2010 Frozen Four

      We sat in 345, a couple rows behind press row, not too far to the right of the ESPN2 venue. (Thank God I didn't have to listen to annoying game account by Thorne and MulletBoy, who know nothing about college hockey, particularly teams east of the Hudson.) Sight lines were fine, I thought it not unlike being about midway up the upper bowl at a typical NHL venue. The low angle of the temporary riser seats appeared to be AWFUL viewing. If they'd have forgotten about trying that experiment and moved the ice surface closer to the main seating area (both decks), those seats would probably have been considered well beyond acceptable. What did diminish the atmosphere, though, was the vast open space above the risers, which connoted to the eyes and brain that one was farther away than was the case. Add to that the temporary curtain, which only went just above the riser seats on the opposite side. The result was that the sounds of the game and crowd were kept in the seating area, but were dispersed to the unused football field area. It made for a dead building, even before both games turned into boring blowouts.

      Annoying sidebar of the night--the roaming female reporter who came on at every TV timeout and screamed her interview in a shrill voice that made one wish for temporary deafness, worsened by a way-too-loud PA.

      Annoying sidebar number two--several long delays to determine faceoff placement after video review far too early in games, when it shouldn't have mattered and the stripes should have paid adequate attention to details to make and defend their placement calls without ponderous delay. Technology is wonderful, but guys, pick your moments!

      A noble idea to hold a FF in a large venue like this, and if done better, it may work and produce a great result--just not this time.

      Miami's egg-laying last night was shocking and disconcerting to me as a CCHA & WCHA fan. Like Denver 2 weeks ago, did all the NHL draftees find the regular season too easy and their goaltending solid enough that they forgot about team play and execution in the offensive zone? Miami had the territorial edge and good energy for the first 10 minutes or so, but after all the one-on-one plays with no screens or tip chances generated zero on the board, they tailed off and never fully recovered after Boston's early 2nd period PPG. One thing for sure, one-game knockout tourneys sure can produce unexpected and occasionally bizarre results. Fedora tips to the Wisconsin and Notre Dame East Campus coaching staffs for keeping their players focused and completing their missions. Unfortunately for the fans at Ford Field yesterday, it also produced two brutally boring games that sure didn't sell college hockey to the occasional or casual fan.

      GO BADGERS ON SATURDAY! (Gawd, as a DU Pioneer fan who watched Sauer hockey for way too long and watched Sean Hill break Mike Aikens' neck in front of me many years ago, that is still painful to say. But anyone over Notre Dame, East Branch Campus, please...)


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        Re: How's the 2010 Frozen Four

        Originally posted by RedhawkBandMan View Post

        I'm p****d that I paid $189 when I could have paid $40 (like some other people I know) and just walked into the $189 seats. I'm sure I'd be less upset if I had seen a hockey game yesterday, but I don't think either of those contests deserve the title of "hockey game" by any stretch of the imagination.
        I hear ya, we were up in the nose bleed section for the 1st period. Then moved down to the second deck behind the RIT corner crew, the view was lousy $30 bucks wasn't bad to swollow.
        Lets go Brampton Battalions