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An Open Letter to Coach Umile

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    I like bagels.


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      The team does (sometimes, or at least, did) practice on Old Snively, down at Churchill Rink @ Jackson's Landing. They don't do it often, and I think it's usually a last resort, preferring Exeter or Dover when the Whitt isn't available. Churchill under-ice and boards are from Snively, donated by the University. At least, this is the story I get from UNHPuckFan2001, who skated almost every day this winter on that ice and manages to pick up old stories like long-haired dogs pick up ticks.

      During the season, students can take a Wildcat Transit bus (any 4, or the 3A) and get off a short walk to the rink. I'm not positive, but I think with a piece of Durham-addressed mail with their name on it, students can skate for free, and open skate/stick&puck times are much more frequent there than at the Whitt!

      Speaking of past footballers from UNH... We've got a few guys gone pro, now, and I know Azumah is responsible for the faculty work-out center, but what have the other guys done to improve the program at their alma mater? I know they aren't making much, but compared to my meager teacher's salary, I think they're maybe in a better position to make a substantial alum donation?
      Originally posted by state of hockey
      Tecate tonight. Haha!
      Originally posted by state of hockey
      Ugh. That was a bad idea.
      Ever notice how, after hockey season, baseball games seem INTERMINABLE??