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What was the attendance at the Regionals? West Regional was low

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    Re: What was the attendance at the Regionals? West Regional was low

    Speaking with the Finance guy from the VWA, I think Manchester has regionals every other year. Living in the area, I'm good with it, but I've heard complaints about hotels and reserved rooms and staying near the airport...

    I'll try to remember to post this again next year, but if you're planning on going to the Manchester regional, there are oh maybe 8 hotels within walking distance of the arena - and a great bar across the street called Keith Murphy's.

    I know, 8 was an exaggeration. There's 4. I think that's enough rooms for four teams, four bands, and four sets of fans.

    I've been to most HEA arenas, a few pro, semi-pro, and OOC arenas, and of course your standard little-kid hockey rinks. Verizon is my favorite. If we get Bemidji and Alaska and Denver and a Hockey East school, I don't expect attendance will be anything to write home about. If we get a few Hockey East schools, or some ECAC schools, I think we could get some decent noise going. Especially if NCAA will "allow" bands larger than 25 students. (I say "allow" because my husband counted quite few more than 25 students in the RIT band - awesome fan base there, but sad that UNH didn't bring more)

    So, excited about regionals in Manchester off and on for years to come!
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    Tecate tonight. Haha!
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    Ugh. That was a bad idea.
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      Re: What was the attendance at the Regionals? West Regional was low

      Originally posted by NMU8405 View Post
      Speaking in Hypotheticals, if a CCHA team was #1 overall? Would they automaticly be placed in St Louis since their league is the host? We all know Tech wont be attending their regional on the ice. Yale and UNH are in position to host their regionals as well next season.
      The magic 8-ball says "Doubtful". Several of the previous hosting arrangements have had conferences who were hosts, alongside one of their member schools (the ECAC hosts Albany with RPI, and the most recent Grand Rapids event was hosted by the CCHA and Western Michigan), but I think it is without precedent that a regional event has been hosted by a conference only (Frozen Fours are, of course, a different story).

      My gut says St. Louis will not have a team that will be automatically placed there if they win.
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        Re: What was the attendance at the Regionals? West Regional was low

        Who the hell in the CCHA offices decided to go full ****** and bid as a conference for a city in the middle of nowhere, hockey wise? The Billikins folded 30+ years ago, you morons.

        Without looking at a map, I assumed it was some sort of collective deal made with UNO years and years ago, but St. Louis is 440 miles from Omaha, obviously confusing KC and St. Louis.
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