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NCAA is Missing the Boat

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    Re: NCAA is Missing the Boat

    NCAA wanted to get away from the on campus setting so nobody would have a home field advantage and get the 10k arenas to sell more tickets. Nice theory but not fully realized the last few years due to distance and economy.
    The NCAA is pretty much run by football and b-ball types. Money talks to these folks first and foremost. I went to the reg. at Yost the last time they were there and found what had been free parking for ten years was run as a moneymaker per NCAA instructions. (per the people there)
    I remember listening to a AD from a hockey school tell about the powers wanting to drop the championship because there were too few school playing the sport. Then they placed a hold on new schools joining D1 level and if a certain number of legit D1 schools dropped below a magic number then no championship.
    These same suits sell the rights to a 'sports net' that maybe gives the Beanpot score and little else during the season and we lovers of the sport wonder why nobody knows who plays it. Then they dictate to us what we get to see and maybe it will be complete and live not taped at midnight.
    I noticed that the best game (Mich.-Miami) isn't scheduled for a repeat like the others.

    Side note; I love Doc Emerick doing games because he WILL mention players who came through the college system. Ever wonder how many folks say to themselves, I didn't know they played hockey there!
    He is as cool as a bomb disposal technician!