So my brother and I were sitting there watching RIT thump UNH last night talking about how the NCAA is really missing a golden opportunity with the regionals.

They seem to have just written the whole thing off. The way the system works it's left to the host committee to make it work. Albany sucked big time.
Here are a few ideas. Add yours and maybe someone in the bureaucracy will take notice.

+Show the other games in the lobby
+Show highlights from other games on the Jumbo-tron during ESPN's five hour commercial breaks that run every two minutes
+Post scores
+Serve beer!
+Host a fun event on the Championship day--having people there and not having an event is stupid. At the very least open up the team practices like at the Four. Get creative use the event to market the regional to families/youth hockey crowd. Have the bands play out front before the games
+Make the bids competitive--make the potential sites show what they are going to bring to the table
+Manage the event--put a team in charge don't just leave it up to a school/host committee.
+Have some contests to promote/build school spirit especially schools that don't make it. Bring in their bands and mascots. Get creative
+Sell discount/fund raiser tickets through local youth hockey teams
+Hire a firm to poll people at all four sites to refine the experience (wake up people--you've got all or most of the CH fans in the country as a potential audience. Yes, we're a relatively small crowd but we're also educated and have some spending cash.

I'm sure there are countless other could ideas--bring em on.