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    Re: Expand The Brackets?

    Originally posted by tdzro View Post
    IMO 16 is a good number, but single elimination is DUMB in the 1st 2 rounds IMO. I would like to see there be an extra weekend added, have the first 2 rounds be best of three at the higher seeded team's home rink (then the regular season is meaningful and attendance is not a problem with these silly regionals), then play the Frozen Four per usual single elimination like it has been done since 1948. Really don't like the cinderella factor and seeing talented teams getting knocked out in a single game elimination. Why play 30+ flippin games, and then a team is one and done in an early round against a team they haven't had a chance to even figure out yet. They play 3 game series in most early Conference Rounds, but yet isn't the NCAA a more important tourney to get a "true" champion?

    Cinderella Lovers will whine "Ohhhh, I like seeing a lower seeded team advance, wah wah wah". Go watch the "Mighty Ducks" if you want to see a cutesie "feel-good" story about a bunch of underdogs. I want the winner to prove they can do it more than once when it counts... Again, just my opinion. You are entitled to yours.

    Another positive is more time to study your opponent, and MORE PLAYOFF HOCKEY! Plus less travel for the home teams. I like the idea of Regionals, but when they change seedings for attendance, then they have a system where the integrity is not upheld....
    I strongly agree. The only thing I'd change is go back to 2-game, total goals to assure that the weekend can be completed in two days (less wear and tear on the student athletes).

    Brenthoven is wrong. Because of the low scoring in hockey, it is more susceptible to the lessor team winning one game. And I am not interested in cooking the books for the Cinderellas. I enjoy the Cinderella in basketball, but that's because I fundamentally don't care about basketball. I watch it for the spectacle. But I care about hockey and I want the better team to advance.

    And it fixes the regional attendance problem. More hockey, packed arenas, best team advances. Win all the way around.


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      Re: Expand The Brackets?

      Originally posted by RedFreak View Post
      But I care about hockey and I want the better team to advance.
      Well, heck, we already know who the better teams are. That's the whole point behind RPI, right? So let's just declare Miami the national champ and go home, huh?

      Powers &8^]