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NCAA Tournament: NMU Wildcats vs. SCSU Huskies

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  • Re: NCAA Tournament: NMU Wildcats vs. SCSU Huskies

    Originally posted by baalbrec View Post
    They recently added the "it's all your fault". There used to be silence during the drum roll, which I like better. My first reaction to hearing the UNM band/students do it was, "hey they stole our gimmic", but I got over it.

    But yeah, we've been doing the chant for... a long time. I don't know how long, but I definitely know that we didn't make it up. And I noticed the added "it's all your fault" thrown in there. I was thinking at the game on Friday night that I didn't think I'd ever heard that before from the UW fans.

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    • Re: NCAA Tournament: NMU Wildcats vs. SCSU Huskies

      Originally posted by nmupepbanddrummer View Post
      I dont think our goal cheer is anything like Wisconsin's at all. Actually, I think our sieve/goal cheer is pretty darn unique, thank you very much.
      Originally posted by hockeybando View Post
      Actually, our sieve cheer was ripped off from Wisconsin's. The only thing that they do differently than we do is throw in a "it's all your fault" before the "sieve" at the end.
      It's not ripped off...except it's exactly the same.
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