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    Re: ecac refs

    Originally posted by DarthBruno View Post
    I bet they were all BROWN offsides, too! That must be why we beat SLU 3-0 - all those uncalled offsides. Yup.
    No Brown won because they outplayed us and we didn't show up.
    9/11/01 - Stewie & Pelch, you are missed by the SLU Family.
    1962, 1988, 1989, 1992, 2000, 2001, we want More!!!


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      Re: ecac refs

      Originally posted by Got 6, Want More View Post
      Okay, how do you explain Cornell winning twice against Princeton in in-conference games, but losing and getting outshot and more penalties in the NC game where there were refs from other leagues? After losing to Colorado College which did not have a good season? How do you explain it?
      Umm, they didn't beat Princeton twice in conference play. They split. But don't let facts get in your way, and feel free to change up your argument when you get called on it, as you have done so far.

      You know, there are going to be times when Cornell takes more penalties than the other team. It happens, even in ECAC play. Your reference to 8-1 drubbing SLU threw the Red last season points that out. But you're right, without those ECAC refs, Cornell would be the doormat of NCAA hockey.


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        Re: ecac refs

        I watched the games in Estero. Cornell played five periods of dreadful (and losing) hockey. Good or bad refereeing had nothing to do with their losses.
        There is a huge difference between bad refereeing and biased refereeing. Some of these posts allude to biased refereeing. That's a pretty serious charge to make without quite a bit of objective evidence.
        Yapping about bad officiating is one of the three defining characteristics of a poor looser.