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>>>>> RIT TIGERS 2009-2010 <<<<< Rockin' Part 2 - The Playoffs

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  • Re: >>>>> RIT TIGERS 2009-2010 <<<<< Rockin' Part 2 - The Playoffs

    Originally posted by RITProf View Post
    No kidding. I wasn't with the "corner", but across the way and I was proud of RIT's fans as well as the team. The MU fans around me, loved that you all joined in. Also, the contrast with the other 3 teams fans was stark. BC can be forgiven for having fewer given the added distance ... but I was surprised Wisconsin didn't have more and that they were barely cheering near the end of the game ... and I was shocked to see the mass-evacuation of Miami fans about midway through the 3rd of their game. RIT fans were there, cheering, (and the corner still standing!) until the very end to salute a fantastic team and season. We do have a great school and great hockey tradition and we do belong with the big boys. It might be a while, but I fully expect to see the Tigers at the Frozen Four again.

    Major congrats to Wayne and the gang. And thanks again.
    As a side note, I heard that a couple Wisconsin fans were taking bets as to how many goals it would take for the RIT fans to sit down. I'm proud to say that the fans stayed up for the game - gave the team the RIT! RIT! chant they deserved for a wonderful season - and the team gave our fans a salute.

    Now time to work on making Frozen Fours an annual tradition.
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    • Re: >>>>> RIT TIGERS 2009-2010 <<<<< Rockin' Part 2 - The Playoffs

      I am truly saddened that you guys lost to the BADgers. But from all I've heard and read thus far, it seems that the Tiger fans are a pretty faithful and classy group. Congrats to making it to the Frozen Four so early on in your D1 status. Hope to see more of you as the years go on. Maybe one of these years you guys will get to play against the Sioux, or uhh whatever we will be called.

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      Originally posted by SiouxTechie
      Good morning, Lodge. I thought the soap opera was cancelled due to lack of interest?

      (See what I did there?)
      Originally posted by GreatLakerMohawk
      All that petty whining from the boys and ST comes in and buries it.