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  • LOL...I saw that but had no idea what it was. Labelle has wheels, Raymond is very fast also.
    It all starts with the goaltending.


    • Like the compete level of this team...continue to get better, start winning at home!!!, and continue to press...with Colin Graf back Q-Pac is very very usual their depth is exceptional and they fill any needs with high level transfers...we could've packed it in last night, but made the game competitive...


      • Congrats to the frosh who are bringing it. Nice to see the first year players contributing.

        Where is IBT when you need him?
        COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


        • ColSkate65... I drove 12-hours home from Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., yesterday (845 miles) and laughed at your comment last night. Thanks!

          On Friday, I watched Ferris State beat Michigan Tech 3-2 in OT at Houghton, Mich. The whole time, I was keeping track of Colgate's big win over Princeton at my fave historic ice arena via the College Hockey News (CHN) app. A hat-trick for Ryan McGuire and two goals (and one assist) for Simon Labelle, which are both super-kewl. But I personally need to do a better job in the future of watching the other goal scorer, Niko Rexine.

          On Saturday, I watched Lake Superior State beat Bowling Green State 4-3 in OT at Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. I also kept track of Colgate playing defending national champion Quinnipiac tough via CHN. This time, two goals by Ryan Sullivan (including a shortie, and an assist), one by Ryan McGuire and another by Niko Rexine. Dang, now I really need to watch Ryan Sullivan and Niko Rexine more closely in the future.

          I assume Carter Gylander was in goal for both games over the weekend.

          While catching both games in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (to go with the two Colgate at Northern Michigan games that I went to in Marquette, Mich., which was a Winter Wonderland during the first weekend of January of 2022), I felt like Colgate could routinely beat all four Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA) teams that I watched this weekend. Granted they are ranked as follows in PairWise Ranking (PWR)... Michigan Tech #46, Lake Superior State #50, Ferris State #57 and Bowling Green State #59.

          Which brings me back to ECAC Hockey's PWR of the 64 NCAA Division One Men's Ice Hockey programs (of which 16 go to the national tournament)...

          Quinnipiac #1.

          Dartmouth #17, Harvard #20, Cornell #22, Clarkson #34, Colgate #35, Princeton #44, Brown #46, Union #52, RPI #53, Yale #58, Saint Lawrence #61.

          Yes, we aren't to December yet and PWR (mood) swings can still be wild. But Colgate only has three more non-conference opponents this season... at home this coming weekend against Niagara, on the road at Maine in the first weekend of January of 2024 (think Winter Wonderland again), and Long Island University (LIU) the next weekend. And we lost both games last season at Niagara, 3-2 and 3-2 (OT), respectively. We have our work cut out for us already.

          P.S. - With Coralville (Iowa), Houghton (Mich.) and Sault Ste. Marie (Mich.), I am now at 139 arenas at which I have seen ice hockey. I will be back at Colgate this Friday night.
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          • Unbelievable, IBT!!!


            • Tonight, I am watching PWR#1 Quinnipiac at PWR#2 Boston University on ESPN+ PPV. It is scoreless after two periods, and it is outstanding college hockey. And BU beats QU, 3-2.

              Happy Thanksgiving, all.
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              • Carter Gylander is in goal for ‘Gate tonight.
                Jonathan Fiske is in goal for Niagara.

                4 minutes left in the first period and Niagara scored. 32 seconds later, Niagara scored again.

                Niagara penalty with 40 seconds left in period.

                Colgate 9, Niagara 9, SOG after one.
                Niagara 2, Colgate 0, score after one.

                Niagara penalty killed.
                Another Niagara penalty. Killed.
                Niagara penalty. Then a Colgate penalty. And a video review. Two minutes each.
                Seconds into 4-on-4, Colgate’s Tommy Bergsland scored (from Pierson Brandon).

                Colgate 24, Niagara 11, SOG after two.
                Niagara 2, Colgate 1, score after two.

                Colgate penalty. And Niagara scored a PPG.
                Another Colgate penalty. Challenged by Niagara (2 or 5). Five-minute major penalty. One minute in, Niagara takes a penalty.
                And Colgate’s Daniel Panetta scored (from Tommy Bergsland).
                Ten seconds left in the 5-minute major and Niagara scored a PPG.

                Midway through the third period, I am reminded of last year’s Niagara-Colgate series…

                Niagara 3, Colgate 2, on Friday.
                Niagara 3, Colgate 2, in OT on Saturday.

                Carter Gylander pulled with two minutes left and the score 4-2 Niagara. And Niagara scored an ENG.
                7.5 seconds left, matching penalties.

                Colgate 37, Niagara 22, SOG final.
                Niagara 5, Colgate 2, score final.
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                • This losing at home is getting ridiculous. And it’s not like we’re playing top 10 teams.


                  • I normally enjoy the 90-minute drive home, allowing me to replay the game (pluses and minuses, win or lose) in my mind.
                    I think I was done thinking about it by the Lebanon Reservoir tonight, so I just enjoyed the deer and the lightly falling snow for the rest of the way home.
                    It was just a lackluster performance. I know that we have a heck of a lot more talent than we showed tonight, but maybe Niagara does, too.
                    When I arrived, there was virtually nobody in the parking lot. Students were off on holiday break. I had one international student who sat in my section and even he left after the first period. R. Braden Houston, who sits near me, lasted two periods. Even I gave a lackluster performance tonight. Normally I yell 'good job' or 'good effort' fifteen times a game; tonight, maybe three times. We didn't play horrible; we just didn't play up to our abilities. Their goalie didn't stand on his head, but he did what was needed. And as much as I love to watch Carter Gylander in net, we are going to get caught flat-footed at some point when he can't play. Maybe it is time for goalie rotation.
                    I do enjoy Mike Harder's Friday night "Chalk Talks" and tonight was no exception. He talked about out penalty-killing strategy. I joked with Zach Lamont after the second period that I was hoping that we'd be penalized so that I could see our PK. Well, I got my wish in the third and it was no power-kill. Even our comeback efforts fell flat tonight. If we don't play better tomorrow, we could easily get swept by the team that swept us last season. This reciprocal agreement can't end soon enough for me. he he he

                    At the start of this season, there seemed to be a consensus on here that a .500 season would be acceptable for the team with an all-new coaching staff.

                    Tonight, this is where we stand...

                    4-7-2 overall (with 21 to play).

                    2-3-1 in ECAC Hockey (with 16 to play).

                    2-4-1 out-of-conference (with 5 to play).

                    0-5-2 at home (with 10 to play).

                    4-2-0 on the road (with 11 to play).

                    0-1-1 against 2023 NCAA Tournament teams (with 4 to play).

                    Finally, I am shuffling off to Buffalo tomorrow, so I will miss tomorrow night's re-match (but I will catch a Brantford Bulldogs OHL game on Sunday). And, Barb, I hope you can find someone to use my ticket (with Sullivan Suite access) tomorrow night. Go 'Gate!

                    P.S. - Just looked at tonight's scoreboard and am thinking of ECAC Hockey and PairWise Ranking (PWR) implications...
                    Union over Stonehill,
                    Massachusetts over Harvard,
                    Ohio State over Princeton,
                    Holy Cross over Brown,
                    Niagara over Colgate,
                    Western Michigan over Saint Lawrence, and
                    Denver over Yale.

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                    • Still excited for the Harder era and optimistic to see his recruiting efforts. That said, the year is going exactly as expected, and Gylander is proving to be mediocre. Home ice or home anything is overrated. Losing to Atlantic Hockey…just great. RIT having a solid year; glad our series against them is over. Wish I could say that against our next opponent.
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                      • I know our attendance isn’t good but we need to defend our home ice, even if there’s no one in the building. There’s simply no excuse for not having a home win.


                        • Niagara was all over us last night and their goalie played a great game. We were without three big contributors: Nic Belpedio, Alex DiPalo and Sebastian Tamburro. Here’s hoping the guys can get the elusive home win tonight!!! Go ‘gate!


                          • I thought we played well (the skaters). Sub par for Carter (.750 sv) is not acceptable. Wondering if we give him a rest tonight to get ready for Cornell or try to get him back on the horse before cornell


                            • Well, thank God this weekend is over...couple of points...we need at least a few of our injured back, and soon...overall play was sloppy, too much puck carrying at the cost of passing, an inability to get shots on net, etc. If our level of play doesn't improve we can forget about getting any points against Cornell...congrats to our backup goalie for a solid performance and his first win as a Red Raider...sadly, the overall performance of the ECAC is, at best, dismal, and, as I have mentioned before, with 3 or 4 notable exceptions the league is no stronger than Atlantic Hockey...good for that league, and just take a look at the Pairwise...on an optimistic note (surprise) our 2024 incoming class looks both reasonably talented and fairly deep...let's get some of our boys back for next weekend and grab some points...


                              • Congrats to Andrew Takacs for his first collegiate win and to Coach Harder for his first win at home. Go 'gate!!!