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    Their goalie was terrible and looked 4ft tall, but a road split is better than nothing
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      In reality, Yale’s Jack Stark of Chaska, Minn., is 5’9” or 5’10”.
      But, compared to Colgate’s 6’5” Carter Gylander of Alberta, Canada, most goalies look 4’ tall. he he he

      After staying local this Friday-Saturday, yesterday I drove down to see Notre Dame at Penn State. The intensity level between these two B1G teams was incredible and the 2-2 tie made for a great advertisement for college hockey.

      Any out-of-towers coming into Hamilton for this coming Friday night’s game, when Colgate will honor Don Vaughan and raise its ECAC Championship banner (in front of Harvard)?


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        Harvard "appears" to be down and Dartmouth up this year, we'll see. Should be an interesting and winnable weekend, I don't consider us an underdog.
        It all starts with the goaltending.


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          Does anyone know the timing of the ceremonies. As always coming from Syracuse and don’t want to miss the ceremony. Is it before 7 or start at 7? Trying to see if I need to get out early and start the journey, I have asked Twitter, instagram, gate radio, no one knows


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            From Jackie Murray today, “I am reaching out in regards to Coach Harder's Friday night Chalk Talk, tomorrow, Friday, November 10th at 6:15 p.m. Due to another event being held in the conference room at Class of 1965 Arena, we will be hosting the Chalk Talk for tomorrow only in the Sullivan Suite.

            We hope to see you there and if you cannot make it for the Chalk Talk, make sure you arrive early to the game as we will be unveiling the ECAC and NCAA Tournament banners and recognizing Coach Don Vaughan prior to puck drop.”

            My guess is that the banner-raising will occur between 6:45 and 7 p.m. tomorrow.


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              Iowa, why are we still guessing! Come on colgate


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                Carter Gylander is in goal for Colgate tonight.
                Finnish Aku Koskenvuo is in goal for Harvard.
                The ECAC and NCAA banners were raised and Don Vaughan was honored in a beautiful ceremony. His wife and daughter were with him on the ice.

                Colgate’s Jake Schneider scores (from Daniel Panetta and Tommy Bergsland). Great rush and goal.

                Carter Gylander screened with less than three minutes in the period and Harvard’s Ryan Fine scored.

                Harvard 7, Colgate 4, SOG after one.
                Colgate 1, Harvard 1, score after one.

                Colgate penalty. Great short-handed effort by ‘Gate, but pinged off pipe. Killed.

                Beautifully set-up play nets Alex DiPaolo Colgate’s second goal (from Simon LaBelle).

                Harvard 17, Colgate 15, SOG after two.
                Colgate 2, Harvard 1, score after two.

                Midway through the third period with a one-goal lead and we are still playing aggressively. Wow!!
                Colgate 24-21 SOG.

                Colgate penalty. Harvard’s MacDonald scored.

                Colgate 31, Harvard 24, SOG after regulation.
                Colgate 2, Harvard 2, score after regulation.

                Colgate never went into a defensive shell.

                No score in OT. 32-26 SOG.
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                  A memorable evening for Colgate fans. Raising the ECAC Championship and NCAA banners, with film footage of the ECAC tourney games; honoring Coach Vaughan; a great crowd and a great and entertaining game and coming away with 2 points! This team is fun to watch!! As IOWA says, they never went into a defensive shell. Go 'gate!!


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                    Not a bad night for my sons first (on campus) game as a student…


                    • Back home in Owego (only three deer sighted) and I am a happy camper tonight… we played 60 minutes of quality hockey tonight… and we didn’t just try to dump it out of our zone in the third period with a one-goal lead. Yeah, they scored on a PP, but we never gave up. We were gassed in OT (at one point, it looked like Ross Mitton could hardly get back to the bench), but so were they. What a great effort and a great way to celebrate Don Vaughan’s 30 years as coach and his ECAC tournament title… against Harvard.

                      Mike Harder’s Chalk Talks are excellent. They are informal, informative and highly entertaining. You can’t lose with Joe Watson in the house.

                      Don Vaughan is a class act, even in retirement. Tonight, with well-wishers all wanting a piece of his time, he saw me and made a point to come over and ask how I was doing and to thank me for my support over the years. That’s pretty kewl in my book.

                      It was a good crowd tonight. Lots of students. Lots of well-wishers. I saw Silver Puck’s Jerry Quill, Zachary, Barb, Patty, “Red,” the Anderson’s, the Mitton’s, R. Braden Houston, two from our Friendship Four tournament entourage in Belfast, etc. The funniest thing is that after OT, I got up and left my seat (“like the NCAA, I don’t recognize shoot-outs”), then realized that I couldn’t depart as my friend Endicott Larry came up with me. So, I hung around until the SO was over… and there was Charlie saying, ‘don’t tell me that you didn’t stick around for the individual skills competition.’ Too much fun!!

                      Final thought… I get frustrated at Colgate fans at times with their ‘opera claps’ when we score or do something good. We never seem to get the Class of 1965 Arena rockin’ like other college rinks (or like I remember Starr Rink). But, tonight, late in regulation, with the puck in the Harvard end and the score tied at 2, the place spontaneously erupted (and our Jumbotron didn’t even scream out, ‘Make Noise!!’). Maybe there is hope for us yet.

                      EDIT: Okay, this is my final thought… No Pep Band tonight. Two weeks ago, I saw Minnesota - Duluth at Cornell. Last Sunday, I saw Notre Dame at Penn State. I can’t imagine their Pep Bands not being present at a hockey game. Where was ours on this special night honoring Don Vaughan and last season’s ECAC title-winning and NCAA tournament team? Nowhere to be seen nor heard.


                      • With the passing of Bob McGaugh this week I send condolensces to his family. Colgate's #1 fan, our friend and pharmacist, and Magoo's dad. RIP.
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                        It all starts with the goaltending.


                        • Condolences as well from TheCoat...collectively this thread goes back a long way and it's tough when people you've known (and perhaps not even officially met) go to a better the game, as usual spot on comments by IBT...thought we played well enough to win, especially with a strong third period...three posts don't help...continue to like our mobile "D" being more opportunistic on joining the play...Mitton as usual a beast and even though he sometimes tries to do too much, he'll play at the next level (certainly AHL, maybe higher)...this is a fun team to watch but will need to win the one-goal games as the season progresses...only Q-Pac and especially Cornell look dominate this year...3rd and 4th place seem to be up for grabs IMO...


                          • Carter Gylander led the team onto the ice tonight for the pre-game warm-up.
                            I expect Cooper Black to be in Dartmouth’s goal tonight.
                            I hope I am wrong, but I don’t see Alex D. on the ice tonight. He was hurting’ last night on the bench.
                            he he he… I just noticed that Dartmouth players take the ice in numerical order.

                            Colgate penalty… the much-hated Too Many Men on the Ice. Killed.

                            Beautifully set-up goal by Dartmouth’s Cooper Flinton. Dartmouth is much-improved from the ECAC cellar-dweller of recent times.

                            Dartmouth penalty. Killed.

                            Having offense-minded defensemen means that they are occasionally going to get caught up-ice. It happened once this first period, but Carter did his job.

                            Colgate penalty to be split between periods.
                            Carter’s kick-saves are something to behold.

                            Dartmouth 12, Colgate 11, SOG after one.
                            Dartmouth 1, Colgate 0, score after one.

                            Colgate penalty killed.
                            Penalty shot awarded to Ben Raymond. Unsuccessful.

                            Colgate penalty. Short-handed goal for Colgate’s Ryan McGuire. Unassisted.
                            Dartmouth penalty halfway through Colgate’s.
                            Both penalties killed.

                            Dartmouth penalty. Short-handed goal for Dartmouth. And Colgate penalty. Video review.. No goal. Still 1-1.
                            Another Colgate penalty.
                            Dartmouth PPG with 48 seconds left in period.

                            Colgate 26, Dartmouth 21, SOG after two.
                            Dartmouth 2, Colgate 1, score after two.

                            Beautiful shot and goal by Jake Schneider in the first minute of the third period.

                            Dartmouth penalty. Killed.

                            Headed to 3-on-3 OT.
                            Colgate 35, Dartmouth 30, SOG after regulation.
                            Colgate 2, Dartmouth 2, score after regulation.

                            Dartmouth scored. 3-2. 1:22 left in OT.
                            Colgate 36, Dartmouth 33, SOG.
                            Colgate challenge for offsides. Video review.
                            good goal.
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                            • The Big Green have improved. Kissing your sister and a loss to Dartmouth is not how I had this weekend figured.
                              COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


                              • Well, the Wildlife Safari that is NYS Route 26 South is over with the eye count being one buck, one doe, one raccoon and two fox.

                                As for Dartmouth at Colgate, I thought it was a good college hockey game, although there were too many penalties for my liking. They weren't chippy nor mean-spirited penalties, but just enough tripping/interference/etc. calls to break up the flow of the game. Having said that, one doesn't often see a penalty shot (unsuccessful, by Colgate) and two short-handed goals (one successful, by Colgate, and one unsuccessful after video-review, by Dartmouth) in one game.

                                It is good for ECAC Hockey to see teams like Dartmouth upping their game ("a rising tide lifts all ships"). And you have to believe that young'uns like Reid Cashman and Mike Harder are the future of our conference.

                                Three Minnesotans (from Edina, Plymouth and Wayzata) were on the ice for Colgate at tonight's puck-drop, which was pretty kewl. And after the game, I couldn't figure out why Colgate's Andrew Takacs and Dartmouth's Eric Charpentier posed together on-ice for a fan photo. The common thread(s)? Both are from Maryland and both played for the New Jersey Jr. Titans.

                                What a wonderful tribute (and moment of silence) tonight for Robert "Bob" McGaugh, just before the national anthem. I was particularly impressed by how all players, both Colgate and Dartmouth, were attentive during the tribute over the p.a. system, and then all gave stick-taps afterwards. Very classy.
                                Obituary information for Robert F. McGaugh (

                                All the usual suspects from last night were in the house tonight, including Pierre, and all seemed very happy with the day's athletic successes by 'Gate teams. I even met another complimentary lurker from this thread on my way out of the arena. Thanks! Tomorrow I am driving to Iowa to spend the week doing motorsports research and visiting with friends from 28 years there, so I will miss Colgate at Princeton and Quinnipiac games next weekend. Instead, I will be catching CCHA college hockey games at Michigan Tech and Lake Superior State on Friday and Saturday nights, respectively. Those should be arenas number 137 and 138 at which I have seen hockey games (lifetime). Good-luck (and good-skill) to the Raiders next weekend... and Go 'Gate!!
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