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  • ‘Gate did many things well. Tough to swallow a loss when you outshoot your opponent the way we did, win the f/o battle, score on the pp, play on home ice (personally don’t think that matters), and come up short against a team with 1-13-4 record away from home. Gylander has never been my favorite. Not blaming him for the loss, but he’s given up 3 or more goals 23 times this season, so the result was no surprise. Hope to pull even today.
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    • Winning goal was a shot from almost the blue line. Gylander was totally screened and never saw the puck, he made a half hearted attempt but the puck was by him as he raised his glove hand. Three posts, two breakaways, outshot them 50-32, these things happen in hockey. Good thing it's best of three and not one and done like last weekend. (Clarkson) It's far from over.
      It all starts with the goaltending.


      • Originally posted by TchrBill View Post
        play on home ice (personally don’t think that matters),
        It doesn't matter if you can only pull 763 to support the team. ***?

        . . . still crazy after all these years. . .


        • Good luck to the team tonight. Colgate always likes a challenge and seems to do the best with their backs to the wall. Time to even this series up and win it on Sunday.
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          • Hockey Day in Hamilton continues after the women defeated Cornell to advance to the NCAA Frozen Four in Durham, N.H., next weekend…

            Carter Gylander and Ben Kraws led Colgate and Saint Lawrence, respectively, onto the ice for tonight’s pre-game warm-up.

            Saint Lawrence penalty. 9-1 SOG Colgate at start. Killed.

            Colgate’s Ryan Sullivan (from Foglia and Chorske) scored a beauty with five minutes remaining.

            Saint Lawrence penalty. Saint Lawrence pinged one off the pipe.
            Colgate penalty. Both penalties killed.

            Colgate 17, Saint Lawrence 2, SOG after one.
            Colgate 1, Saint Lawrence 0, score after one.

            Nearly identical to last night (‘cept the score).

            Saint Lawrence penalty. Killed.

            Saint Lawrence pings one… into the net! 1-1.
            Colgate 23-5 SOG.

            Beautiful shot by Saint Lawrence gives them the lead, 2-1. 27-8 SOG Colgate.

            Colgate 29, Saint Lawrence 11, SOG after two.
            Saint Lawrence 2, Colgate 1, score after two.

            Colgate penalty after the whistle to end the period. Killed.

            Saint Lawrence penalty. Colgate PPG by Ryan McGuire (from Mitton and DiPaolo).

            Saint Lawrence freshman defenseman with a breakaway… and a goal.

            Carter Gylander pulled with 2.5 minutes left.
            Colgate time-out with 1:22 remaining.
            38-22 SOG in favor Colgate.

            51.5 seconds left.
            41.6 seconds left.
            32.4 seconds left.
            18.8 seconds left.

            Colgate 41, Saint Lawrence 22, SOG final.
            Saint Lawrence 3, Colgate 2, final score.

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            • Much more to reflect on the totality of the season, but this weekend was a tremendous disappointment. How can you outshoot a team almost two to one over two games and get swept?


              • I will preface this by saying if I am an SLU fan, I would say I don’t care we scored more goals than you blah blah blah.

                But the worse team won the series, we outshot them 94-54 over the weekend. Majority of time was in their zone. When you get outplayed and lose you can understand it and accept it. Losing when we played better is a tough pill
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                • Yes it’s a tough way for our season to end but SLU got the big goal when they needed it and we didn’t. And maybe their goaltender outplayed ours. Regardless congrats to SLU for finding a way to get it done this weekend.

                  Unfortunately, outshooting a team means nothing if you don’t outscore them.


                  • Magoo, I understand shots don’t mean you win. But if you watch those games I was proud of our team and we were the better hockey team. SLU took care of the few chances they had which is the ultimate point I do get that


                    • Definitely a roller-coaster of emotions this weekend… entering it, I felt totally confident in our ability to sweep Saint Lawrence. Last Friday against Yale, I thought Ben Craws was more lucky than good. Then this weekend, even as we out-shot them, each night, I never really felt good about our chances to win. And it’s not that I thought that Craws was exceptional, nor that he ‘stood on his head.’ It’s just that he was solid in goal both nights. And we just seemed to lack that sense of urgency (not unlike Clarkson last Saturday). Two-and-a-half minutes to go tonight, with an extra attacker, instead of creating a shooting gallery on Kraws, we prefer to circle around in hopes of finding the perfect shot to tie the game. Oh, well, sometimes you gets what you pays for.


                      • Despite the disappointment of this weekend, I had a fun (tho sometimes frustrating) time watching the men this season. I'll miss the departing players.


                        • emotion? probably sad more than anything else...especially for the seniors who contributed a lot to our return to hockey respectability...a good season - certainly exciting - but at times frustrating...this is one of those times...looks like a decent incoming class next year...will say we seemed to give up a lot of crazy goals this year, perhaps reversing some of last year's good fortune...onward and upward...good luck to our girls and, staying positive, men's lacrosse is 6-3 and pasted Bucknell yesterday, 17-4...awaiting our seed in hoops...


                          • Thank God there’s the women. Coaching change did wonders for them. Let’s see how this pans out for us in the long term…disappointing yet similar end to a season like most others.


                            • I’m not going to lie or sugarcoat here. This hurts. This REALLY hurts!

                              And we were the only team with a bye to NOT make it to Lake Placid this season. Salt on the wound right there.

                              After last season’s surprise run to an ECAC Championship and a first round bye for the first time since 2015, I was really looking forward to seeing what this team would do in the playoffs and see if they could repeat as ECAC champs.

                              St. Lawrence had only won *one* road game all season. We had won *eight* in a row at home, all in regulation! And we got swept. No, we did not play poorly. No, we did not collapse. We just ran into some back luck, that’s my opinion.

                              And while we will always remember Carter Gylander’s heroics last season, winning tournament MVP, this season he never looked anything close to it. I wonder if he was playing with an injury? We started Andrew Takacs in our penultimate regular season game and I was impressed at how he played - he looked better than Gylander in recent games. I do hope he gets more starts next season.

                              It really sucks for the seniors to go out like this. But I believe in Mike Harder, and I’ve noticed our style of play has changed a bit compared to the Vaughan years, especially in 3rd periods. Previously we would go into defensive shells in the 3rd, now we’re keeping our foot on the accelerator and playing a full 60 minutes. We have *twelve* incoming players next season - it appears we are no longer restricting ourselves to a “roster limit”, which should help give us depth in case injuries occur (and they always do).

                              I look forward to what this program will do in the coming years. For now we have men’s basketball and the women’s ice hockey teams playing in their NCAA tournaments to distract us - here’s hoping they make some noise at the national level! Go ‘Gate!
                              Colgate '09


                              • Tough end to the first year of the Harder era. We ran into a hot goaltender. That said, I like to remind myself how long it took for the culture to set in for women's hockey, volleyball and men's basketball. I don't think this was really due to a lack of a sense of urgency because we were really aggressive just not successful. I like the freedom our players have now. It will come as they understand the responsibilities of that freedom and that they can never assume anyone other than themselves is going to make the play...