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    Great to see the season underway. Congrats to the team on playing an uptempo game, even tho losing. Was really a 3-2 contest. Would like to see something done about the nontraditional "C" and the crimson on jerseys. Nikki did us no favors.

    Let's get the "W" this afternoon.
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      Carter Gylander is in net for Colgate.
      Ex-Clarkson goalie Ethan Haider is in goal for UConn.
      Carter Gylander screened in first minute (:44) and UConn’s Spetz scored.
      UConn penalty.
      PPG goal by Colgate’s Nic Belpedio (from Tamburro).
      Colgate penalty. Killed.
      UConn penalty forty seconds into Colgate penalty. Killed.
      UConn pinged one off the pipe.
      UConn penalty. Killed.

      Colgate 10, UConn 8, SOG after one.
      Colgate 1, UConn 1, score after one.

      UConn came out of the first period intermission ready to play. But Ross Mitton just put on a one-man show to blitz their defense and beat Ethan Heider!! Unassisted.
      Colgate’s 6’7” Brett Chorske, from Colorado College, is a heads-up player.
      Colgate penalty.
      1:45 into it, UConn penalty.
      Colgate penalty killed. UConn penalty killed.
      Beautiful Colgate goal by Nic Belpedio from hard-working Ross Mitton. Both are having a heck of a game.
      15 seconds to go in period, UConn penalty.

      Colgate 20, UConn 17, SOG after two.
      Colgate 3, UConn 1, score after two.

      Last couple of minutes of the second period, Colgate started going into defensive shell, then things got chippy. Carter Gylander made some great saves, but he shouldn’t have faced them in the first place (in my opinion).

      UConn’s lethal weapon, Matthew Wood from B.C., just scored to make it a 3-2 game. Have I ever said how much I hate defensive shells?

      1:55 to go in the game and UConn ties it up! Richard from Wood.

      Colgate 27, UConn 25, SOG after regulation.
      Colgate 3, UConn 3, score after regulation.

      5-minute 3-on-3 OverTime coming up.

      Colgate 31, UConn 30, final SOG.
      Colgate 3, UConn 3, final score.

      Not into shootouts.
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        The wins will come, but these last-minute meltdowns are too familiar. Was hoping for a better inaugural weekend for Harder, who is no stranger to the game. Excited to see his future recruiting style and give him props for his classy home visits during his transition as Coach. Congrats to the Huskies on a really good series for their team.
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          Back home after a post-game Walter Trout concert in Homer, N.Y. I thought we played pretty good hockey for the first 38 minutes, then the wheels came off the wagon again. I would say ‘live and learn’ but we never seem to learn. It was poetic justice for Carter Gylander and Ethan Heider to get the NCAA tie, as both stood on their head at times (with SOG just about even). Thanks Shabby for saying ‘hi’ and visiting afterwards. TeacherBill, I expect Colgate will see more Midwestern USHL recruits in the future. For those that care, the Sullivan Suite appears to have upped its culinary game (and wall decorations) this year, too. Well, on to Fairfield, Conn., for two more this coming weekend (after tomorrow’s Guelph at RIT exhibition for me)…


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              Enjoyed the game yesterday, except the last eight minutes. Some of the frosh played very well I thought, and have good size. Wood, the #15 draft pick is a beast, his goal was a laser, I thought Gate did a good job limiting his opportunities. I think Haider (Clarkson transfer) saved UConn's butt several times, still don't know how he made the save with about two seconds left in regulation.
              We should be very competitive this season, overall I have a good feeling especially if we can get better offensively.
              Good seeing you Iowa.
              It all starts with the goaltending.


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                Anybody from this thread headed to Fairfield tomorrow and/or Saturday? If so, remember tomorrow is the Colgate Day pre-game reception. I hope to make the afternoon women’s game (LIU at Sacred Heart) tomorrow, followed by both ‘Gate men’s contests. Go ‘Gate.


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                  HAPPY COLGATE DAY! Let's go 'gate - both men and women!!! Get er done!!!


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                    Originally posted by iowabasedtraveler View Post
                    Anybody from this thread headed to Fairfield tomorrow and/or Saturday? If so, remember tomorrow is the Colgate Day pre-game reception. I hope to make the afternoon women’s game (LIU at Sacred Heart) tomorrow, followed by both ‘Gate men’s contests. Go ‘Gate.
                    Wish I could see the matchup! Iowa, I'll be interested in hearing your thoughts on SHU's new ice palace !!
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                      Wicked, Holy Cow… what an arena!! It is gorgeous. I believe it seats 3,600. I am at the Long Island University (LIU) at Sacred Heart University (SHU) women’s game this afternoon. Arena #134 for me, lifetime, at which I have seen a hockey game. When this weekend’s men’s series was announced, I wasn’t that excited about it (not crazy about this populated part of Connecticut with all its traffic). Now I am really glad that I made the effort to drive down.


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                        Carter Gylander is in net for Colgate.
                        Chase Clark is in goal for Sacred Heart (SHU).
                        SHU women lost to LIU, 3-1, this afternoon.
                        Less than two minutes in, Colgate’s Tommy Bergsland scores.

                        Colgate 19, SHU 4, SOG after one.
                        Colgate 1, SHU 0, score after one.

                        Colgate obviously dominated the play in the first period, but only have a one-goal lead to show for it. Williamsville SHU goalie stood on his head a couple of times. We are also losing more face-offs than we are winning.

                        Halfway through, SHU playing much better this period. Twice, they had the puck in our crease and just couldn’t bang it home. Credit to Gylander.
                        SHU penalty at 10:35 of second. First penalty of game. Seconds later, Colgate’s Pierson Brandon scored a PPG.
                        And minutes later, SHU responds with a goal.
                        Colgate penalty. Killed.
                        Minutes later, Colgate’s Brett Chorske scored.

                        Colgate 34, SHU 15, SOG after two.
                        Colgate 3, SHU 1, score after two.

                        Granted SHU isn’t UConn, but we will see if Mike Harder’s team learned a lesson last Sunday.

                        Colgate penalty. Killed.
                        3:31 remaining… Colgate penalty. 3-1 the score.
                        SHU also pulled their goalie. Interesting.
                        18:11… SHU PPG. Now 3-2.

                        Colgate 44, Sacred Heart 27, final SOG.
                        Colgate 3, Sacred Heart 2, final score.

                        Lord knows that there have been games in the past that, on paper, we were ‘supposed to win’ and didn’t. So, tonight’s victory feels good for Mike Harder and the whole team. We didn’t let up in the third, so I won’t be whining about that tonight. And I continue to be a Brett Chorske fan.

                        The arena is really nice… and I would say that 3,000 fans were in there tonight (as it seats 3,600). Tons of students, nearly all in white.

                        And the pre-game reception, organized by Kate of ‘Gate Athletics fundraising and engagement, was excellent and well-attended. I had a great visit with Nick Anderson’s father. The whole Anderson family from Minnesota are committed Colgate hockey supporters. I know Mike Harder was making the rounds pre-game at the reception, too. All-in-all, a very enjoyable game. Hopefully tomorrow the feeling will be the same.

                        P.S. - Martire Family Arena. Martire is pronounced Mar-tear-ree, I believe.

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                          Heartiest congratulations to Coach Harder and the team for his/their first win of what I hope will be a long and illustrious career. Well done and many more to come...


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                            Colgate dominated the first period with shots 19-4, SHU's goalie kept them in the game, could of easily been 3-0 or worse. SHU played much better in second and third, nerve wracking when they made it 3-2 with about two mins left skating six on four. I had visions of last weekends meltdown against UConn but they held on. Gotta learn to close these games out.
                            It all starts with the goaltending.


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                              Carter Gylander and Chase Clark are in the nets again tonight for Colgate and Sacred Heart Univ. (SHU), respectively.
                              Midway through the first, Colgate’s Pierson Brandon (from Bergsland and Raymond) scored to open things up.
                              SHU penalty. Killed (without one ‘Gate SOG).
                              Colgate penalty. Killed (with one SHU SOG).

                              SHU 11, Colgate 7, SOG after one.
                              Colgate 1, SHU 0, score after one.

                              Our defense needs to tighten up in this game. They got behind us once and picked our pockets a couple of times.

                              A minute and a half into the second, Sacred Heart’s number 12 (Lombardi) made a great individual effort to beat Carter. 1-1.

                              Great second effort by Colgate’s Ryan McGuire (from Raymond and Tamburro) makes it 2-1.

                              Colgate penalty. Killed.

                              Ross Mitton, who was leveled at center ice earlier in the period, just scored in a scrum in the SHU crease (from Sullivan and Chorske). Play under video review. Good goal.

                              Colgate 23, SHU 17, SOG after two.
                              Colgate 3, SHU 1, score after two.

                              Beautiful shot by Sebastian Tamburro (from Raymond) gives Colgate its fourth goal. Three Assists tonight for Ben Raymond!!!

                              Sacred Heart penalty. Killed.
                              Jake Schneider (from Glasman and Anderson) scored to make it 5-1. Anderson retrieved the puck (assumedly for Schneider).

                              Colgate penalty.
                              14 seconds left in ‘Gate penalty, Sacred Heart penalty.
                              Colgate penalty killed.
                              4 seconds left in SHU penalty, Colgate and SHU both get penalties assessed. Less than one minute to go in the game.
                              First SHU penalty killed.
                              But Bobby Metz scores (from McGuire and Bergsland) and puck is retrieved for him.

                              Colgate 44, SHU 23, SOG final.
                              Colgate 6, SHU 1, score final.

                              Big win and great sweep for Colgate down here.
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                                After a relatively even first period, ‘Gate totally dominated the last two frames. A very comprehensive victory.

                                Kudos to Sacred Heart on the arena; it is a spectacular building. Will definitely be going back to check out some of their league games.