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  • Dartmouth beating Union at 4:00 today would be nice. Big Green playing well now. Just win at home next weekend, take care of business !
    It all starts with the goaltending.


    • Carter Gylander led ‘Gate onto the ice for tonight’s pre-game warmup. Clarkson’s Emmett Croteau did the same for the Golden Knights.

      Dartmouth 5, Union 4, final score this afternoon.

      Halfway through the first… 8-1 SOG Clarkson. Shots backed down after period.

      Colgate penalty. Killed.

      Simon LaBelle (from Nick Anderson and Reid Irwin) with a beauty with less than two minutes left in the first period.

      Clarkson 6, Colgate 2, SOG after one.
      Colgate 1, Clarkson 0, score after one.

      We just could not carry it into Clarkson’s zone.

      Five minutes in, Clarkson scored as puck trickled in behind Gylander.

      And a minute later, Colgate scored! Dom Foglia.

      Colgate penalty. Under review (2 or 5 minutes). Two minutes. Killed.

      12 minutes in, Clarkson scored a beaut.

      Clarkson penalty. Killed.

      Colgate goal with just under two minutes to go in period. Daniel Panetta from Jake Schneider.

      38 seconds remaining and another puck trickled by Gylander.

      Clarkson 12, Colgate 8, SOG after two.
      Colgate 3, Clarkson 3, score after two.

      Austin Roden in goal for Clarkson.

      Halfway through the third period, Gylander made the save of the game.
      It is just back-n-forth rushes now.
      Clarkson 18-13 SOG with less than five minutes on the clock in the third. Two minutes left.

      Clarkson 19, Colgate 14, SOG after regulation.
      Colgate 3, Clarkson 3, score after regulation.

      We are going to 3-on-3 overtime.
      1:12 remaining and it is a nailbiter.

      And Colgate WINS!! Daniel Panetta from Nick Anderson.
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      • Originally posted by ColSkate65 View Post
        One would hope that Clarkson was jacked to play Cornell and will fall flat tonight.
        I don't think Clarkson will be taking tonight's game lightly. With Dartmouth winning this afternoon Clarkson is now in 5th place one point behind the Big Green. To have any chance of ending up in the top four, a win tonight for Clarkson is crucial, given that next weekend they play at Quinnipiac.


        • Can you say "Home ice and first round bye " ?
          It all starts with the goaltending.


          • Fantastic way to bounce back from a tough loss last night.


            • What a crazy weekend in the North Country (Colgate and Cornell visiting Clarkson and St. Lawrence)! All four games go to overtime; each team gets three points for the weekend; three games went to overtime because of extra-attacker goals (with Cornell getting two extra attacker goals against St. Lawrence tonight); and in each of these three games the team that got the extra-attacker goal got the two points (by OT or shootout).

              P.S. I still dislike 3-on-3 overtimes and shootouts.
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              • Looks like Dartmouth might have an easier path to fourth place than Clarkson. Clarkson has to play league leading Quinnipiac next weekend. And I think Dartmouth has the advantage head-to-head, having beat and lost in the shootout to Clarkson.


                • I am back in Clarkson Doug’s home in Ogdensburg, N.Y., tonight and I am one happy camper.

                  Getting a first-round bye and being a second-round host are both very exciting for the team with an all-new coaching staff.

                  Ethan Manderville, Simon LaBelle and Daniel Panetta. I don’t know exactly how many points each has scored in the last four games for Colgate, but WOW!!

                  And I am glad that Carter Gylander got the ‘W’ tonight. The goals-against were interesting to say the least, and that one save he made was simply incredible.


                  • "scoring by Committee" has been the theme all year...great weekend for Panetta...has really come into his own half-way through last year...a week off to heal and then home ice...well done...


                    • Last four games Panetta Goals 4 Assists 4 points 8
                      Manderville Goals 5 Assists 1 points 6
                      Labelle Goals 2 Assists 2 points 4

                      It all starts with the goaltending.


                      • I think we’ll finish no lower than 3rd place as we own the 3 way head to head tiebreaker with Clarkson and Dartmouth.
                        But I don’t think it will come to that.


                        • If you discount EAGs 27 of our 32 games this year have been decided by two goals or less...we've also given up a high number of EAGs and ENGs...


                          • Originally posted by TheGreenCoat View Post
                            we've also given up a high number of EAGs and ENGs...
                            This season, we've allowed 3 extra attacker goals (all since January 26), leaving 4 league points on the table.
                            We've allowed 6 empty net goals, but only 3 of them occurred when we were down by 1 goal late in the game.
                            We have also scored 2 empty net goals of our own.

                            Our home-and-home with Cornell has been symmetrical in many ways. Both games were won 4-2, won by the road team, with an empty net goal "icing" each game.

                            Last season, we allowed 7 extra attacker goals. Three of them tied the game late in the 3rd, also leaving 4 league points on the table. One came in our home elimination game vs. Dartmouth, another came in game 2 of our quarterfinal series at SLU.

                            And looking back we were actually down 3-0 in game 1 at SLU, came back to tie it 3-3 then win it in OT. Last Friday's game was a mirror image of sorts.

                            But we got the bye, for the first time since 2015! And that has got me thinking about a trip to Lake Placid next month...
                            Colgate '09


                            • We've got a great shot at Lake Placid !
                              It all starts with the goaltending.


                              • Good job Rainman...I just finished off computing the very numbers you laid out...