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  • Six points sure would be nice this weekend !
    It all starts with the goaltending.


    • Its' great to see 'Gate leading the ECAC teams in the PWR (othr than Cornell and Q-Pac ahead of us). Being in third place is quite an improvement over recent years. Ever upward!
      COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


      • Carter Gylander will be in goal for Colgate tonight. Jack Stark will be in goal for Yale.

        Yale penalty. And Yale SHG. Second Yale shot on goal of game. Killed. Colgate had 2 PP SOG.

        Colgate 12, Yale. 6, SOG after one.
        Yale 1, Colgate 0, score after one.

        We are going to have to play smarter if we are going to win this one. Yale women leading Colgate, 3-1, in the third period.

        Colgate penalty. Killed.

        Beautiful goal by Colgate’s Jake Schneider, assisted by Dom Foglia and Daniel Panetta.

        Yale penalty. And Colgate goal by Ross Mitton, assisted by Alex DiPaolo and Nick Anderson. Note: Ross Mitton’s dad is a hoot. We need more like him (and Nick Anderson’s mom).

        Dang! Finally, in this period, well-rehearsed plays resulted in goals!!

        Another beauty. Colgate’s Simon LaBelle from Ross Mitton and Tommy Bergsland.

        Colgate 23, Yale 11, SOG after two.
        Colgate 3, Yale 1, score after two.

        I get on our defense a lot, but holding Yale to 11 SOG in two periods deserves an ‘atta boys!’
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        • 15:26 of third period… previous play is under review. Assumedly it is a challenge by Mike Harder. Unsuccessful.

          Yale penalty. And Colgate scores!! Ethan Manderville from Daniel Panetta and Simon LaBelle.

          Colgate penalty. And Yale scores.

          3 PPGs and 1 SHG tonight. Special teams.

          Yale pulled goalie with over two minutes remaining. Seven seconds left… Daniel Panetta gets the ENG. Assisted by Brett Chorske and Reid Irwin.

          Colgate 29, Yale 17, SOG final.
          Colgate 5, Yale 2, score final.
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          • A couple of weeks ago, at “Chalk Talk,” the audience was asked to name Carter Gylander’s strengths. I replied ‘his kick saves.’ The correct answer was ‘his puck anticipation.’ Tonight, when leaving the building, Charlie basically said to me, ‘Carter made some incredible kick saves tonight, and he did them so nonchalantly that they almost went unnoticed.’

            At tonight’s “Chalk Talk,” Zach Badalamenti talked about our Power Play. Naturally, Yale scored a shortie on our first Power Play of the game. he he he. Thankfully, Ross Mitton and Ethan Manderville later showed how the team’s PP strategy works with goals.

            Tonight was a very good night for Colgate in ECAC Hockey. Quinnipiac and Cornell are so far ahead of us, their wins don’t really matter. But Union and Brown losses are helpful. Colgate beating Yale was HUGE, especially when coupled with Dartmouth upsetting Clarkson. Harvard upending Saint Lawrence also helped. And RPI over Princeton doesn’t hurt as they are both so far behind us.

            It was good seeing the usual suspects tonight; read that Charlie, “Red,” Barb, Patty, R. Braden, Katie, Jackie and the Pep Band (and multiple players’ parents and girlfriends).
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            • Couldn't get my ESPN+ working last night, anyone else have a problem ? Just got the score and am watching the game on ESPN+ right now. As Iowa said, huge win and help from other losses. Just win at home.
              Gylander playing well in first so far.
              It all starts with the goaltending.


              • I am a fan of college hockey, so I put a lot of emphasis on the PairWise Rankings (PWR) even though I know for Colgate it is now all about the ECAC Hockey tournament to get into the NCAA tournament (like last year). Having said that, today, Colgate is PWR #29 of the 64 D1 MIH programs. We’ve been in the 40s and 30s so long, I forget that a PWR in the 20s was possible (especially for a team with an all-new coaching staff). Quinnipiac is #8 and Cornell is #11, and both of those numbers would likely put them in the NCAA tournament if the Selection Show was today. Go ‘Gate!!


                • Originally posted by iowabasedtraveler View Post
                  I am a fan of college hockey, so I put a lot of emphasis on the PairWise Rankings (PWR) even though I know for Colgate it is now all about the ECAC Hockey tournament to get into the NCAA tournament (like last year).
                  That’s why those non league games are important. What if we would have split with UConn and Maine and swept LIU? Maybe low 20s/high teens in the PWR?

                  If we finish 3rd and get to LP, I think Harder has a great shot at Coach of the Year.


                  • Carter Gylander led Colgate out onto the ice for tonight’s pre-game warm-up. Lawton Zacher did the same for Brown.

                    Colgate penalty. Killed (after Brown pinged it off the pipe). Nick Anderson came out of the box alone against Zacher but couldn’t put it on.

                    13:22 of period and Colgate’s Ethan Manderville scored (from Tommy Bergsland and Reid Irwin).

                    Colgate penalty. Killed.

                    45 seconds left and Colgate’s Ethan Manderville (from Jake Schneider).

                    Colgate 9, Brown 5, SOG after one.
                    Colgate 2, Brown 0, score after one.

                    Brown penalty midway through the second. And Colgate’s Alex DiPaolo sniped one (from Ross Mitton and Brett Chorske).

                    Colgate penalty with ten seconds left. Brown has a matching penalty.

                    Colgate 19, Brown 15, SOG after two.
                    Colgate 3, Brown 0, score after two.
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                    • Penalties killed.

                      Colgate penalty. And Brown scores a PPG.

                      Colgate’s Ben Raymond scored (from Tommy Bergsland and Dom Foglia).

                      Carter Gylander gave Brown the puck behind our net and after one pass out front, they scored into the open net.

                      Colgate penalty. Killed.

                      Penalties killed.

                      Brown pulled their goalie.

                      Colgate 33, Brown 31, SOG final.
                      Colgate 4, Brown 2, score final.
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                      • With the weekend sweep the Raiders are now six points up on 4th place Clarkson and eight points up on 5th place Union. The Raiders need only five points in the final four games to finish the regular season in the top four. It may not be easy, though, since both Clarkson and Union will get their chances to topple the Raiders.


                        • We did what we needed to do tonight, but not much more.
                          Still, a home weekend sweep was crucial in our bid for an ECAC Hockey tourney first-round bye and second-round host.
                          For me, I enjoyed being in the Ross Mitton cheering section tonight and then visiting with the Professor (and Mary Ann).
                          I also appreciated the fact that the Brown pep band was in attendance, and I very much enjoyed their music.

                          With .500 hockey as the consensus goal this season, this is where we stand tonight (after the win against Brown)...

                          13-13-4 overall (with 4 to play).

                          10-6-2 in ECAC Hockey (with 4 to play).

                          3-7-2 out-of-conference (FINAL).

                          7-6-2 at home (with 2 to play).

                          6-7-2 on the road (with 2 to play).

                          2-3-1 against 2023 NCAA Tournament teams (FINAL).


                          • Excellent weekend taking all six points at home. Nice to see the boys take care of business in Hamilton.

                            Also, another huge game for McMann with the Leafs—two goals and an assist. What’s wild is he was going to be scratched three games ago. Illness ran through the team so he ended up suiting up . . . and had a hat trick. And now has six points in his last three games. Way to represent ‘gate in the Show. Go, Bobby!


                            • It's fun again to open up USCHO in the morning. This team is getting better and Harder has them believing. Short of a collapse we will be playing at home in the playoffs.
                              It all starts with the goaltending.


                              • That OOC stat looks ugly as usual Iowa but in reality it’s 7 losses out of 12 games, not so bad. Would love that series at Maine back.

                                Have been waiting for a new era to begin, and Harder is the one to make it happen. Excited to see what talent he and his staff will lure to Hamilton.

                                Great weekend sweep. The North Country is always a fun rivalry. Great schools with amazing fan support.
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