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  • As my Aussie mates would say, I am 'over the moon' with PWR#41 Colgate's win over PWR#4 Quinnipiac, 2-1.

    I am enjoying Colgate's role as spoiler lately...
    when we played Maine earlier this month, they were PWR#1 and we tied them in their barn... tonight they are PWR#5;
    when we played Quinnipiac this evening, they were PWR#4 and we beat them at home... tonight they are PWR#7.

    Colgate's Carter Gylander and Quinnipiac's Matej Marinov both played outstanding tonight. 27-34 SOG and 2-1 score made for an exciting game.

    Does anybody know the status of Nic Belpedio? I didn't see him tonight. It was also another rough night for our players, but fortunately Quinnipiac's five-minute major for 'contact to the head' cost them the winning goal tonight. I am glad that QU's most obnoxious fan was watching tonight. Karma.

    I am also thankful that Colgate has optimistic and positive fans like Shabby, Barb, Charlie and Katie. I saw (the latter) three of the four of them in the Sullivan Suite tonight, which was much too crowded for my liking. he he he

    I thought 'Gate goalie guru Liam Conway did a great job with tonight's "Chalk Talk." During the game, my friend West Monroe Ken Parrotte said to me, 'your coach is so out-going.' I have to agree; Mike Harder's openness and his style of leadership is refreshing to see.

    Tonight's 90-minute drive home with snow falling on slushy roads was thankfully uneventful, though seeing an Amish horse-n-buggy out on the Georgetown-Lebanon Road at 9:50 p.m. was a little disconcerting.

    Finally, I always enjoy watching the coaches shake hands, post-game. Tonight, Rand Pecknold and Mike Harder shared maybe two words each. They obviously (and rightly so) don't have a professional relationship like Don Vaughan had with his colleagues after thirty years behind the Colgate bench. It is just interesting to watch from afar.

    P.S. - a quick recap of our last three seasons with last year's three NCAA Tournament ECAC Hockey foes...

    11/06/21, Harvard 5, Colgate 1
    01/28/22, Harvard 5, Colgate 3
    12/03/22, Colgate 6, Harvard 4
    01/27/23, Harvard 5, Colgate 4 (OT)
    03/18/23, Colgate 3, Harvard 2
    11/10/23, Colgate 2, Harvard 2 (tie, Colgate wins shootout)

    01/21/22, Quinnipiac 5, Colgate 1
    03/18/22, Quinnipiac 3, Colgate 1
    11/04/22, Quinnipiac 3, Colgate 2
    01/21/23, Colgate 3, Quinnipiac 2
    03/17/23, Colgate 2, Quinnipiac 1 (2OT)
    11/18/23, Quinnipiac 7, Colgate 4
    01/19/24, Colgate 2, Quinnipiac 1

    02/04/22, Colgate 3, Cornell 2
    02/05/22, Colgate 2, Cornell 2 (tie, Colgate wins shootout)
    03/11/22, Cornell 3, Colgate 1
    03/12/22, Colgate 4, Cornell 2
    03/13/22, Colgate 2, Cornell 1
    02/10/23, Cornell 3, Colgate 2
    02/11/23, Colgate 4, Cornell 4 (tie, Colgate wins shootout)
    12/01/23, Cornell 4, Colgate 2
    12/02/23, Colgate 4, Cornell 2

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    • Originally posted by ICECAT1811 View Post

      And you’re just another team in the ECAC to us
      IceCat -- Be a bit kinder on other teams' forums, please! I think all Raider fans who post here have acknowledged the exceptional skill and dominant record of the Q-men the past several years.

      Maybe to some Q-fans Colgate is just another team in the ECAC. But I doubt if Colgate is just another team to the Q players. I suspect that they are aware that the Colgate men have a 3-2 record against them the past two seasons. And that during this period two of the their three ECAC season regulation losses have been to the Raiders.
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      • Thank you for the olive branch, Quasi. QU is clearly the class of the league these days and the benchmark of success. Beating one of the elite programs is always a nice thing. And ‘gate is very up and down this year. Last four games:

        Maine (power 1) 4-4 tie
        LIU 3-2 loss
        LIU 3-2 loss
        QU 2-1 (power 3) 2-1 win

        This game is hard to figure sometimes! Best of luck against the Big Red tonight; it should be a good one.

        As for ‘gate, can we string together a great game with a win over Princeton? It’s the ECAC, so you never know.
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        • agree...this thread has consistently been quite complimentary towards the Q-Pac program...personally I was rooting like hell last year for Pecknold and Q-Pac to gain, and deservedly so, their first NCAA title...we are looking a lot like last year's team...playing up or down to our opponents, but this is a huge win for us and really great to see Gylander in the zone...let's get 3 tonight against an up and down Princeton team...since former Colgate contributor Ron Fogarty assumed head coaching duties at P-ton I don't believe he has beaten his alma mater in the regular season...keep the trend alive...


          • So great to see Colgate on the USCHO front page this morning!!! To answer IOWA's question about Nic Belpedio - I spoke with him last night and he is scheduled for hip surgery next week and will be out for the season. Go 'gate!!


            • What a great win ! Gylander was very very good. We play a very sound defensive game, if only we could score a few more goals. Now get the win tonight, have to win at home.
              Colgate and Cornell same ECAC record, and both have scored 31 goals and have given up 25, odd !
              It all starts with the goaltending.


              • 2 W's vs. Qpac last night. Great job by both the men and women!


                • 5-0 score and I think Q-Pac is #6 nationally, wow !
                  It all starts with the goaltending.


                  • I rewatched the end of last night’s game - we spent the final 2:16 in our own end, with 4 failed clears. 2 of them went into our bench, and the other 2 got called back for icing.
                    Quinnipiac had 7 shot attempts with the extra attacker - 4 of them were on net and saved by Gylander, the other 3 missed the net. That makes the win even more impressive.

                    Originally posted by CU13 View Post
                    To answer IOWA's question about Nic Belpedio - I spoke with him last night and he is scheduled for hip surgery next week and will be out for the season. Go 'gate!!
                    OUCH. That means we only have 6 defensemen on the roster for the rest of the season. We’re really thin on depth in that position. Looking at Chris Heisenberg’s recruit list for next season, we’re only bringing in 2 D-men, effectively just replacing the 2 seniors that will be graduating (Pierson Brandon and Nick Anderson). I’d rather we have 8 or 9 on the roster for the purpose of having depth in case of injury.
                    Colgate '09


                    • Carter Gylander led Colgate onto the ice for tonight’s pre-game warm-up. Freshman Arthur Smith is in goal for Princeton.

                      Less than four minutes in, Colgate’s Dom Foglia scores a beauty from Tommy Bergsland and Daniel Panetta.
                      One shot, one goal.

                      Colgate penalty. Princeton’s Jack Cronin scored.

                      Colgate’s 8th shot, second goal. By Jake Schneider from Daniel Panetta. 1:30 left in period.

                      And ten seconds left, Princeton scores. Sloppy play by ‘Gate.

                      Princeton 15, Colgate 8, SOG after one.
                      Colgate 2, Princeton 2, score after one.

                      Princeton penalty. Colgate’s Ryan McGuire scored from Alex DiPaolo and Nick Anderson. PPG. Twelve shots, three goals.

                      Despite the lead, we don’t look great. Sloppy play in our end and in their end. We keep letting them back in the game after we score.

                      The difference tonight is simply the goaltending. Carter Gylander is shining (again).

                      Colgate is challenging the last play (likely video review for five-minute major penalty). Princeton penalty for ‘contact to the head.’ At end of period.

                      Princeton 26, Colgate 17, SOG after two.
                      Colgate 3, Princeton 2, score after two.

                      Princeton goalie now Ethan Pearson.

                      57 seconds in… PPG by Alex DiPaolo from Nick Anderson and Ross Mitton.
                      And another PPG by Ryan McGuire, from Alex DiPaolo and Ross Mitton.
                      Colgate even-strength goal by Ben Raymond from Reid Irwin.
                      Colgate penalty. And Princeton goal.
                      And another Colgate penalty. Killed.
                      And to think, when Mike Harder was interviewed after the second period, all he wanted in the third period from his team was ‘disciplined play.’
                      2:08 left in the third period and… another Colgate penalty. Empty Princeton net. Killed.
                      Final play of the game is under review. It’s a wrap.

                      Princeton 40, Colgate 26, SOG final.
                      Colgate 6, Princeton 3, score final.
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                      • I’m usually at home games and don’t have the opportunity to listen to John McGraw - the BEST play-by-play announcer in collegiate hockey. Thanks, John, for your fair and fact packed broadcasts!!!!!


                        • Congrats, Colgate, on sweeping at home!! Great showing!!! Go 'gate!


                          • A win is a win. A sweep is a sweep. And 6 points are 6 points. But, man, I didn’t think that one was pretty at all.

                            Nine goals and five were on the Power Play.

                            Some great efforts by Carter Gylander, Alex DiPaolo, Daniel Panetta, Tommy Bergsland and Ross Mitton (and a very good one by Dom Foligno).

                            On to Dartmouth and Harvard. Dartmouth has more ties (four) this season than any other ECAC Hockey team. And if there was ever a year to take advantage of Harvard, this one is it.

                            P.S. - In the ECAC, there are 11 teams within 8 points tonight.
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                            • Iowa, there are a lot of games in hand by many teams. Wait til two weeks from now


                              • I can't complain about a sweep, very happy this am !
                                It all starts with the goaltending.