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  • As a longtime fan of Colgate hockey, I miss the magic that Starr had. The overflow of '65 is a bad design feature for a small community and student body that infrequently supports the team. I hope the same mistake isn't made when the new basketball facility is built. It makes a sellout feel empty.

    Very valid observations by 40-Year Fan...students were in attendance, but oddly silent until the 3rd. When the game was in reach, I noticed groups that headed early to the gates. Student support is cultural...and something I really hope can change at some point for the great university. I don't know....try something radical....maybe give the students the space behind the visiting bench, in-game chuck-a-puck.... Apologies for the needed rant.

    As always - a treat to see this rivalry.....such great hockey.....hoping for a greater result in Ithaca and a bright future for the program.

    Let's Go Gate! (but not before the end of the game)


    • not surprised that Brandon did not suit up...he looked as if he was "playing hurt" in the second Niagara game...his loss certainly didn't help against a team that pounds you in your defensive end and wins 60% of its face offs...we simply have to improve as right now we are basically standing still...thought Gylander played a good game...we need more than Mitton and Ryan to step up tonight...


      • Carter Gylander and Ian Shane are back in goal tonight for Colgate and Cornell, respectively.
        Colgate penalty. Killed.
        Colgate score by Jake Schneider (from Simon LaBelle and Brett Chorske) with one minute left in first period.

        Cornell 13, Colgate 6, SOG after one.
        Colgate 1, Cornell 0, score after one.

        Cornell scored three minutes into the period.

        Cornell penalty. Killed.

        Brett Chorske scores from Sullivan and Jake Schneider.

        Cornell with penalty shot and score.

        Colgate penalty. Killed.

        Cornell 20, Colgate 12, SOG after two.
        Colgate 2, Cornell 2, score after two.

        Reid Irwin from Ross Mitton and Alex DiPaolo… score!

        Cornell penalty. Killed.

        Colgate penalty. Killed.

        Cornell penalty. Killed.

        Colgate penalty. Killed.

        Ryan McGuire from Chorske and Schneider.

        Cornell 26, Cornell 22, final SOG.
        Colgate 4, Cornell 2, final score.
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        • Nice bounce back win!

          Schneider, Sullivan, and Rexine are 3 good looking freshmen.


          • What a great game and win for 'Gate!! Congrats all around, but especially to the coaching staff for their insight. So many individual efforts in tonight's win! I am very happy for each player and their individual effort. GO 'GATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


            • My posts this weekend weren’t overly informative, only because I was hosting friends both nights… Endicott Larry & West Monroe Ken last night and Ithaca Kip and West Monroe Ken tonight. When with friends, I want to be ‘in the moment’ with them, but also update the thread for those that aren’t present nor can watch it on ESPN+ nor listen to it on radio.

              It was a HUGE win for us tonight, as it was against arch-rival Cornell AND it was in their (white) house. Plus, we enter our holiday off-season on a high note, as we have injuries that need time off to rest and heal.

              Carter Gylander had an outstanding weekend. Jake Schneider and the Minnesota Mafia had a great night! I spent some pre-game time with Pierre McGuire tonight, so it was satisfying to see Ryan have a great night, too. Barb is happy for the coaching staff and I am happy for Colgate’s uber-supportive hockey parents.

              Lastly, I just had a great time tonight woo-hooing at Lynah Rink, which it should be pointed out has (and they should be commended for its) HAND-RAILINGS!!

              P.S. - Tonight, Colgate seemed to win the little battles against the boards, which we didn’t last night. I have no idea who won the majority of face-offs tonight.

              P.P.S. - It never hurts me to see Lynah’s old guy with the newspapers head to the Exit early, knowing his day (and their day) is done. It happened again tonight.
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              • As we hibernate until we visit the Black Bears at Orono, Maine, on January 5-6, this is where we stand tonight...

                6-8-2 overall (with 18 to play).

                3-4-1 in ECAC Hockey (with 14 to play).

                3-4-1 out-of-conference (with 4 to play).

                1-6-2 at home (with 8 to play).

                5-2-0 on the road (with 10 to play).

                1-2-1 against 2023 NCAA Tournament teams (with 2 to play).


                • Lastly, as Colgate enters the holiday off-season, here are the PairWise Rankings (PWR) for ECAC Hockey amongst 64 teams...


                  24-Cornell, 32-Clarkson, 42t-Dartmouth, 42t-Union, 44-Colgate, 52-Harvard, 54-Saint Lawrence, 56-Brown, 57-Princeton, 60-RPI, 61-Yale.

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                  • Nikki, this win’s for YOU! Great road win against a ranked, formidable foe! We never trailed, but often times it felt like we were playing from behind! Happy for Coach H! Are we really 68-82-17 against the Big Red? I thought it was much worse.

                    Could not put my finger on it and had to look at old YouTube games at Lynah, but their logo looks different and eerily similar to our beloved block C. Looks like Moore took us to the woodshed, stole our identity, and placed it on center ice at Lynah. They have removed their bear from the block C at center ice. Everyone please send a Christmas card to Amir, pleading for a return of C’gate. Enough of this nostalgic crap that has no bearing on anything today and looks weak and pathetic with no identity on the big screen.
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                    • to use an old adage: a character win...great way to end calendar year 2023...get healthy on the back end and look forward to a good 2024...all-time record vs. Cornell is 62-89-17, 494 GF/580 GA...since the official formation of the ECAC in 1961-62 the numbers are 38-77-15 342 GF/484 GA...(Cornell hockey prior to 1961-62 was pretty bad)...this makes my weekend, even fully expecting the Browns to lose today...


                      • Originally posted by TheGreenCoat View Post
                        all-time record vs. Cornell is 62-89-17
                        From February 2005 through February 2020, we were 5-25-7 against the Big Red.

                        Because of the Covid pandemic, Colgate and Cornell went almost 2 full calendar years without playing each other. But since February 2022, we're 4-3-2 against Cornell, with 3 of those wins coming in Ithaca!

                        I watched both games on ESPN+ this weekend. Until Friday night I didn't know we had 2 injured defensemen. That certainly has contributed to our win-loss record this season. But this team never quits. After losing at home in front of a large student crowd, we beat the Ithacans in their barn by the same score! If we go on a winning streak in 2024, this win will help us in the Pairwise.

                        The exam/holiday break couldn't have come at a better time, as it allows us to hopefully come back with a healthy roster. Now can we win more games at home please?

                        Happy Holidays!
                        Colgate '09


                        • Only thing that wasn't fun about last night's game was the drive back to Hamilton in the fog. Would've rather had a snowstorm!

                          Props to the Cornell crowd, they do a great job... makes it that much more fun to watch them file out after the empty netter. Carter told me after the game (there were beers in Hamilton late in the night) how pumped up he gets to play in that atmosphere, can certainly understand why!


                          • Thanks for all the info IBT. I agree with many: bring back the block C on the unis. This was a great win, in your face Nikki.
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                            • Mike’s take on last night’s game…



                              • Had a committment last night so got home and watched the third. Thought we outplayed them and saw no size advantage. From what I saw, a different Raider team from the night before. Always special to beat Cornell. Almost time to watch Joe Flacco and the Brownies.
                                It all starts with the goaltending.