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  • Well, finally. A win at home. Do any 'Gate hockey historians know the record for most home games without a win at the start of a season?
    COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


    • During the Covid shortened 2020-21 season it took until our seventh home game to garner a victory...other seasons without ANY home wins are all less than this mark: 1920-21 (0-1-0), 1927-28 (0-1-0), 1929-30 (0-2-0), 1948-49 (0-1-0)...there were a few seasons where the first home win was either the fifth or the sixth game in Hamilton...prior to this year our aggregate home record was 551 wins, 343 losses, 66 ties (3969 goals for/3068 goals against) percentage of the Class of 65 Arena, again PRIOR to this year, our mark was 48-49-20 (.496), 280 goals for, 280 goals against...over time home winning percentages have declined, but remains in the 55% to 57% range...updating stats on the Class of 65 Arena results in a win percentage of .480 (49-54-22) - not good...long story, short...a new record ColSkate65 - EIGHT GAMES...


      • Anyone here besides me loathe how both our games against Cornell fall early this year? I like it better when they're in February, at a time where each team is jockeying for playoff positioning. The stakes won't feel high this time around outside of bragging rights.
        Colgate '09


        • Thanks, Great Coat, for the history lesson!!

          RainMan, I wouldn’t say ‘loathe,’ but I am not crazy about it either. 5-3-1 Cornell vs. 5-7-2 Colgate is too early in the season for a travel-partner rivalry series weekend.

          Any out-of-towners from this thread coming in for the games? I will attend the Hamilton game on Friday with Endicott Larry and the Ithaca game on Saturday with racing friends Watkins Glen Kip and West Monroe Ken.


          • I actually am hopeful that the Cornell games are early. I really dislike them when they are split up (hasn’t happened in like 10 years but that sucked).

            I am hopeful that the students show up to this game and with a good showing come back for more towards the end of the season. I have noticed in the past higher student turnout after Cornell so hoping that continues.

            ill be at both games as well this weekend


            • Two good reads prior to this weekend’s series…


              Center of Attention : College Hockey News


              • Davey vs Goliath this weekend, typical Big Red team with thirteen players six two and over. Last year we beat them with speed, four out of five games including the shootout win. Hoping for a decent crowd...Go Raiders !
                It all starts with the goaltending.


                • Originally posted by red133883 View Post
                  I actually am hopeful that the Cornell games are early. I really dislike them when they are split up (hasn't happened in like 10 years but that sucked).
                  The last time the Cornell games were not consecutive was 2016-17. This also happened in 2009-10. Both Cornell games were on Tuesday nights in those seasons.

                  I don't mind when they're separated because when this happens, one of the games is in February at a time where teams are playing with a sense of urgency. When both games are before Christmas like this year, it doesn't really give us something to look forward to in the later part of the regular season.

                  But I'll be watching both games on ESPN+. Go 'Gate!
                  Colgate '09


                  • I’m most excited for Mike Harder. What a thrill this must be for him behind the bench! Wonder if he misses Starr? Time to see some physical play. Go ‘Gate!
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                    • Thanks Greencoat for the answer to my question. Go Raiders tonight.
                      COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


                      • Carter Gylander in net for Colgate.
                        Ian Shane in goal for Cornell.

                        2:35 in. Cornell’s first shot. Cornell’s first goal.
                        Colgate penalty. Killed.

                        Cornell 10, Colgate 6, SOG after one.
                        Cornell 1, Colgate 0, score after one.

                        Colgate penalty. Killed.

                        Colgate’s Ryan McGuire (from Simon LaBelle) banged one past Shane at 6:40 of second period.
                        Seconds later, Cornell responded with a goal. And a Colgate penalty. Killed.

                        Another Colgate penalty. Another Cornell goal.
                        Cornell penalty. Killed.

                        Cornell 25, Colgate 13, SOG after two.
                        Cornell 3, Colgate 1, score after two.

                        Colgate penalty. Killed. And Cornell penalty. Unreal save by Shane on their PK. Penalty killed.
                        Cornell penalty. And Colgate’s Daniel Panetta scored (from Brett Chorske).

                        Gylander pulled with two minutes to go in regulation. Cornell with ENG.

                        Cornell 33, Colgate 22, SOG.
                        Cornell 4, Colgate 2, score.
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                        • Home from Hamilton and not much to add…

                          We got behind early and were playing catch-up the rest of the game. Goals were not coming easily so even our second goal seemed too little too late. I think I would have pulled Carter with three minutes left, but maybe they would have just scored their ENG one minute earlier. Say what you will about their easy first goal, but Carter kept us in the game.

                          After seeing them both games at home against Minnesota Duluth and then again tonight, I don’t expect to see a different result tomorrow night at Lynah. I expect it to be another physical affair, likely chippier. They are an NCAA tournament team and we are not.

                          It was good to see Alex DiPaolo back, but I didn’t see SeaBass tonight. Ross Mitton took a hard one, but fortunately shook it off.

                          Class of 1965 Arena was rockin’ tonight, apparently sold-out (though empty seats remained). The students were there for their free white t-shirts and packs of Big Red gum. The pep band was there. The players’ parents were there, as were the usual suspects from this thread. Cornell travelled well. “Chalk Talk” (centered on our Power Play) was excellent as usual, thanks to Mike’s sense of humor.


                          • A few strange things about tonight's game which I attended. Seating sold out, but only the student section behind the goal was full. Big gaps over the rest of the rink.

                            Student section came to life in the 3d period, but was AWOL cheering-wise in the first two periods. Weird.

                            Giving away gum to throw on the ice, surely is against the spirit of NCAA rules. Cornell students throw stuff, but it has never been provided by the University.

                            Nicky Moore has left her mark on both rinks in modified Cs at center ice.
                            . . . still crazy after all these years. . .


                            • 40-Year Fan,
                              ”Giving away gum to throw on the ice, surely is against the spirit of NCAA rules. Cornell students throw stuff, but it has never been provided by the University.”
                              Surely the Ivy League’s Cornell University can afford to bestow upon you ‘50-Year Fan’ status with just that one paragraph. And then it can print the announcement of that reward in the newspaper that is then handed out tomorrow night by an old man at Lynah Rink and wadded up and thrown on the ice.


                              • Well said, Iowa! he, he!! What a great crowd!!! Brandon and Belpedio were sorely missed. Go get 'em, tonight!! Go 'gate!!!!!