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    Good, much better...and much needed...but, again, we tend to get overly passive with leads going into the third period...nonetheless, nice to see contributions from several in building 4-0 lead...


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      If we are a good team then we should be able to sweep a struggling Vermont team at home next weekend.


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        Magoo... you were reading my mind.

        GreenCoat... I agree with you (again). But, to be fair, all three Merrimack goals in the third period were man-advantage goals, right? The first was a PPG and the second and third were when they pulled their goalie early. Having said that, I, too, would have preferred 4-0 as the final score (as would have Carter G.).

        Vermont's season thus far...
        UConn 4, Vermont 1.
        UConn 3, Vermont 1.
        Northeastern 5, Vermont 2.
        Northeastern 5, Vermont 0.
        Vermont 6, Holy Cross 0.

        Finally, from College Hockey News (CHN)...

        Colgate 5, Merrimack 3

        Colgate is another example of a team that had a Friday-Saturday turnaround two weekends in a row.

        Last week, playing in Tempe as Arizona State opened its new arena, the Raiders were shut out Friday, then returned the favor Saturday. This week, similarly, Merrimack dominated Friday's game in a win, but Colgate bounced back with the first four goals of Saturday's game, before the Warriors made a late rally to make it close.

        Carter Gylander made 35 saves and held on despite two extra attacker goals by Merrimack in the third period.

        “Disapointing result,” Merrimack coach Scott Borek said. “I was happy with the way we kept playing until the end, but I thought we played sporadically. It was a hard game. It was a physical game. Several times I thought I was watching a WWE match. But once the officials made the decision that the game would be allowed to be played like that, we had to stand up and play that way and we didn’t. So it was disappointing that we didn’t respond in a better way.”

        Merrimack had more shot attempts, but Colgate was good at blocking shots, which frustrated Merrimack.

        “(Colgate) wasn’t as aggressive on the forecheck,” said Borek, “and I think that’s because we transitioned a lot on Friday night. They sat back more and we got impatient and started sending several players up ice.”

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          What an amazing through-the-legs, backward pass from Colton to his brother Alex for a goal!!!!! They are so fun to watch!!!! Go ‘gate!!


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            Didn't see it, maybe I'll try ESPN+.
            It all starts with the goaltending.


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              Originally posted by Magoo View Post
              If we are a good team then we should be able to sweep a struggling Vermont team at home next weekend.
              Their losses were to #10 UConn and #15 Northeastern, they are not a bad team. Also beat Holy Cross 6-0.
              It all starts with the goaltending.


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                Carter Gylander (2-4-0) led Colgate onto the ice for tonight’s pre-game warm-up.
                Gabe Carriere (1-2-0) did the same for the Catamounts.
                Much of the period was poor play by both teams, but Vermont scored a beauty on a breakaway with four minutes left in the period.

                Vermont 16, Colgate 11, SOG after one.
                Vermont 1, Colgate 0, score after one.

                We are asking an awful lot of Carter Gylander (again).

                We came out of the box fired up, but that soon faded. We had a two-man advantage and couldn’t score on it. They came back to even strength and immediately scored (with five minutes left in the period).

                Colgate 22, Vermont 20, SOG after two.
                Vermont 2, Colgate 0, score after two.

                SHG by Ross Mitton with eight minutes to go (from Pierson Brandon).

                Colgate 34, Vermont 23, final SOG.
                Vermont 2, Colgate 1, final score.

                ”Good teams sweep at home…”
                Well, we answered that question.
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                  frankly SilverPuck weekend is now a joke and so was the performance of the MIH team in period #1...but don't worry things are going to's only been 15 years...why get impatient? How many fannies in the seats tonight? 50?


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                    A lot of fans disguised as empty seats.


                    • Originally posted by sshablak View Post

                      Their losses were to #10 UConn and #15 Northeastern, they are not a bad team. Also beat Holy Cross 6-0.
                      Vermont may not be a bad team but they’re not a good team. Neither is Northern Michigan. But if we can’t beat them at home what does that say about us?
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                      • The effort was there in the last two periods, but it is increasing obvious that are simply not ready to play period #1 on Friday nights...and we need an overall upgrade in skill...home ice is hardly an advantage when you have 100 people guess is that the women are outdrawing at The Class of '65 - and for good reason...


                        • Since the opening of our new rink MIH has compiled an overall record of 74-112-32 (as of last night)...a winning percentage of .413...during the first two years the team actually outperformed at home vs. road/neutral by a decent margin (fans were initially attracted to the lovely facility): 17-13-5 at home vis-a-vis 9-24-7 on the road...since then, with declining attendance and general apathy the numbers are 22-34-11 (home) and 25-36-9 (away)...we are 1-5-0 on neutral ice...Bottom Line: no discernible home ice advantage; in fact, over the past 4.2 years we have a higher winning percentage on the road...none of this is encouraging...


                          • Carter Gylander led the team on the ice for tonight’s pre-game warm-up. Gabe Carriere did the same for Vermont. Both were in goal last night as well.

                            Halfway through first period, Vermont got puck out in front of Carter Gylander. Two Cats there. One scored point-blank.
                            That after one shot pinged off cross-bar behind Carter and then Pierson made a beautiful pass to a Catamount entering our zone. We certainly don’t make things easy for ourselves.

                            Vermont 12, Colgate 9, SOG after one.
                            Vermont 1, Colgate 0, score after one.

                            Successfully killed a penalty in the last two minutes of the period.

                            First ten SOG of second belonged to Colgate.

                            Ross Mitton scored a much-needed PPG late in the period.

                            Colgate 29, Vermont 18, SOG after two.
                            Colgate 1, Vermont 1, score after two.

                            An outstanding period of hockey finally netted a positive result.
                            Don Vaughan left the bench, returned from the locker room and then left again.

                            Colgate 38, Vermont 30, SOG after three.
                            Colgate 1, Vermont 1, score after three.

                            Going to five minutes of 3-on-3 OT.
                            When we needed a strong third period, we spent four minutes in the penalty box.

                            Colgate 42, Vermont 34, SOG after OT.
                            Colgate 1, Vermont 1, score after OT.

                            Headed to a shoot-out.

                            Was told at the game that Don Vaughan took a puck behind his ear, which is why he left the bench. At the Silver Puck Club banquet, it was announced that the incident made him nauseous, which was the reason for his absence from the dinner. Hopefully he will quickly recover.
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                            • Kissing your sister ain't gonna get it done. PS - Hope DV makes a quick recovery.
                              COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


                              • How many people at the Silver Puck dinner ?
                                It all starts with the goaltending.