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  • Great job by Cornell beating the defending champs tonight.
    Beating Michigan is a tall order but it’s not impossible. We’re 5-4-1 against NCAA teams this year. Michigan’s a great team. Are they better than QPac or Harvard, teams we’ve beaten twice this year? We’ll see.
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    • Michigan vs. Colgate moved to ESPN2 tomorrow (at 8:30 p.m. Eastern). It was originally scheduled to air on ESPNU.
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      • Magoo...Did you see my message to you here ? Under your profile.
        It all starts with the goaltending.


        • Will be looking at stats etc all day. So far I've noticed that we better stay out of the "sin bin", Mich has a very good powerplay at 27%, compared to our 21%.
          It all starts with the goaltending.


          • Originally posted by iowabasedtraveler View Post
            Michigan vs. Colgate moved to ESPN2 tomorrow (at 8:30 p.m. Eastern). It was originally scheduled to air on ESPNU.
            This is HUGE in terms of national exposure for the Raiders. Some TV providers carry ESPNU on a higher service tier, whereas ESPN2 is always on the same tier as regular ESPN.

            For those who don't subscribe to linear TV, the game is also streaming on ESPN+.

            Let's go 'Gate!!!!!
            Colgate '09


            • Let’s shock the world.

              Go ‘gate!


              • Go Gate! Let's get Game 1 of this weekend behind us with a huge W. Not able to be there, but I'll be watching and waving my Colgate hat after each of our goals!
                COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


                • Originally posted by sshablak View Post
                  Magoo...Did you see my message to you here ? Under your profile.
                  I did Shabby. Thanks.


                  • Michigan is probably more talented top-to-bottom than Harvard, BUT...we have competed very well all year against top tier teams (as has been ably mentioned in above posts)...avoid stupid penalties and, like Cornell, come out aggressively...yes, this year, despite all the ups and downs, has been a success and we do owe Michigan a little payback for March, 2000 (an inexcusable call by the referee that cost us the game)...will be in "prayer mode" fairly soon (it worked against Q-Pac and Harvard) well Gate, that's all we can really ask for...


                    • Very depressing to watch Harvard's performance today after Cornell represented the ECAC so well last night. Let's go Gate and Q, show what we're made of...


                      • Watching Mich Tech v PSU game. Looks like there is a great crowd in Allentown which should be rooting for us at 8:30 as underdogs...Go Gate!


                        • Carter Gylander and Erik Portillo led Colgate and Michigan, respectively, onto the ice tonight for the Allentown, Penna., NCAA Regional.
                          Many Penn State fans have said they will be cheering for Michigan’s opponent tonight.
                          Michigan penalty. Killed.
                          Colgate penalty. Killed.
                          SOG…Michigan 13-1. Michigan scores.

                          Michigan 17, Colgate 7, SOG after one.
                          Michigan 1, Colgate 0, score after one.

                          Faceoffs won… 8-8.

                          Colgate penalty for holding.
                          Michigan scores a PPG.

                          And moments later, Michigan beat Gylander again. Fantilli unassisted.
                          And another Michigan goal.
                          And a fifth. SOG are 29-11.
                          And a sixth. 30-11.
                          7-0 and 32-12.

                          Michigan penalty. And short-handed goal.
                          8-0 and 33-13.

                          Andrew Takacs now in goal for ‘Gate.
                          Michigan penalty.

                          Michigan 36, Colgate 14, SOG after two.
                          Michigan 8, Colgate 0, score after two.

                          Just a reminder that Colgate is PWR #25 and Michigan is PWR #3. Canisius is PWR #41. There are 62 men’s D-1 programs and 16 earned the right to play in the NCAA national tourney.

                          Colgate goal by Nick Belpedio (from Colton Young).

                          Colgate penalty under review for possible major penalty. Five-minute penalty and game-misconduct for Alex Young.

                          Michigan goal, 41-19 SOG.
                          Michigan goal, 42-19 SOG.
                          Michigan goal, 43-19 SOG.

                          Carter Gylander back in goal for ‘Gate.

                          Michigan 52, Colgate 21, final SOG.
                          Michigan 11, Colgate 1, final score.
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                          • Are we sure these aren’t NHL teams wearing Big 10 uniforms?
                            Minnesota 9-2
                            Ohio State 8-1
                            Penn State 8-0
                            Michigan 7-0 and counting.

                            Talk about total domination.
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                            • Michigan is doing to you what Ohio State did to us. I’m not sure what’s in the drinking water in the Midwest but man alive, the Big Ten is putting on a show in the NCAA regionals.


                              • Great season, would have liked to have been a better finish. Kinda upset they called the 5 min major on Alex when there wasn’t video, then with no video the espn analysis saying it’s the dirtiest play in hockey. Show me video!