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    First game in their new rink tonight ?
    It all starts with the goaltending.


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      Originally posted by sshablak View Post
      First game in their new rink tonight ?
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        Originally posted by sshablak View Post
        First game in their new rink tonight ?
        First D1 Men's game. The women's club hockey team played there last Wednesday night, likely to get audio/video checked out & training for the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism students covering & working the games.


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          Carter Gylander in goal tonight.
          T.J. Semptimphelter in goal for ASU.
          Killed two penalties.
          46 seconds to go in the period, Carter gave up rebound and ASU’s Doan scored. Great second effort.

          ASU 12, Colgate 7, SOG after one.
          ASU 1, Colgate 0, score after one.

          ASU’s O’Riley scored five minutes into second.

          5-minute penalty to ASU, which would be split nearly evenly between second and thirds. Unfortunately, near end of second, 2-minute penalty to Colgate’s Glasman.

          Colgate 21, ASU 20, SOG after two.
          ASU 2, Colgate 0, score after two.

          Colgate 31, ASU 26, final SOG.
          ASU 2, Colgate 0, final score.

          Apparently a Colgate player (possibly Belpedio) took a 2-minute roughing penalty at the final buzzer. Things got chippy at the end of the second period and throughout the third period, which doesn’t bode well for tomorrow night.

          Many Colgate parents in attendance tonight and some alum. Tonight and tomorrow are sold out, I believe. The joint was rockin’ at times, thanks to their student section and pep band.

          Colgate didn’t play bad and were in it all game long. But it was just back to not enough offensive power. We missed some real chances when we couldn’t put the puck into partially empty nets from up close. We just couldn’t finish things off. The biggest disappointment was Levi’s hooking penalty when we had a 5-minute Power Play.
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            Originally posted by iowabasedtraveler View Post
            The biggest disappointment was Levi’s hooking penalty when we had a 5-minute Power Play.
            In the ASU zone, no less. This peewee penalty is the program in a nutshell. There are so many disappointments, and I know exactly where they begin.

            Outscored 9-3 in 3 games. Same ****, different day, different year.
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              Scoring 1.00 goals per game is not a particularly effective way to win hockey TchrBill opined: same ****...I continue to watch the competitiveness of the LIU program (a 1-0 loss to RPI last night) and wonder what might've been...


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                Carter Gylander led the team on the ice for tonight’s pre-game practice.
                In goal for ASU is T.J. Semptimphelter again.
                Ryan McGuire with SHG (3 seconds left) about midway through the first period.

                Colgate 13, ASU 10, SOG after one.
                Colgate 1, ASU 0, score after one.

                97 seconds left on the PowerPlay when we start the second period.

                Absolutely wild.
                Colgate’s Nic Belpedio scored a great goal.
                Instantly, Colgate called for roughing penalty.
                Seconds later, Colgate gets a second penalty.
                We killed both penalties and the period ends 2-0.

                Colgate 28, ASU 19, SOG after two.
                Colgate 2, ASU 0, score after two.

                Need to see a replay of that goal. Not shown on Jumbotron. Just wild. Colgate absolutely dominated that period. Only reason it isn’t a bigger lead is ASU goalie T.J. (and our PK team).

                We did not let off the gas.
                Colgate’s Nic Belpedio scores, but
                challenged as offsides. Officially Offsides.

                Colton Young scored a beauty from Alex Young.

                Nic Belpedio scores Colgate’s fourth goal on PowerPlay.

                Colgate 42, ASU 29, final SOG.
                Colgate 4, ASU 0, final score.
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                  Thanks Iowa - I can’t seem to get the play by play tonight.


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                    Wow!! As a team, and for its fans, Colgate needed that 4-0 shutout win!!
                    Carter Gylander was outstanding in goal (as was ASU’s goalie, despite four goals against).
                    Nic Belpedio could easily have had a Hat Trick. The Young brothers did step up tonight. The Penalty Kill special team was fantastic and Power Play special team did its job, too.
                    So far this season, we are 1-3 despite really being out of only one game (the second Northern Michigan game), in my opinion. I hope we can carry tonight’s momentum into next weekend at Merrimack.
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                      great game and a much needed win...congrats and keep it going...nice to score four goals (could've had more) a SH goal from us (and Ryan)...


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                        Team looked good last night, nice win !!
                        It all starts with the goaltending.


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                          Great win! Congrats! Go 'gate!!!!!


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                            Was the game on espn + last night? I couldn’t find it.


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                              Magoo, I don’t believe so. Only on PAC-12/ASU PPV, I think.


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                                Nice win. Congrats to the team. Nice to get the shutout after traveling so far.
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